Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!

About Us

About Us

We are a multifaceted Nevada Not-For-Profit organization that is dedicated to improving all aspects of youth sports in the Southern Nevada area. Founded in March of 2012, we are quickly leading the way to a more Positive and Safe Sports experience for our local children, increasing access to sports related activity and helping to secure the future of our community through our children today! 

Our Foundation was created with overall major goal to increase the awareness and prevention of sports related safety issues plus so much more. We want to decrease the number of injuries and/or deaths attributive to these safety issues, increase access to sports related activity and increase the positive experiences of our local youth in sports.

We are implementing several amazing free or low-cost programs that are geared towards teaching coaches, parents and children on the recognition and prevention of all safety issues, not just one or two while putting perspective back on the primary benefits of sports related activity.

All our programs are free or of low-cost to participating children. Some are specifically geared towards at-risk or disadvantaged youth but are they are always open to ALL YOUTH across Southern Nevada.

We also strive to provide unparralled access to information on the local happenings and accomplishments from within the local sports community!

Who We Are:

We are comprised of a diverse group of dedicated volunteers that is made up from local parents, coaches, teachers, current/former athletes, business leaders and community leaders who all strive for a more Positive and Safe Sports experience for our local children!


Our Mission and Goals:

  • Provide parents and children with the information on the benefits of organized sports and how to properly introduce them to sports and develop overall athletes.
  • Provide screening, training and certification of youth sports coaches. To include mandatory background checks every two years; training and certification in CPR, AED, Basic First Aid every two years; Instruction in coaching youth, mentoring youth and positive coaching; Training in the awareness of and the recognition and prevention of sports safety issues; Reporting and non-biased reviews and discipline for coaches bad behavior.
  • Provide positive and safe sports (PASS) training to parents and their children. Training to include: CPR/AED training for parents and youth ages 10 and older; the awareness of and recognition and prevention of sports safety issues; Positive Sports Parenting for parents; Positive Athlete tips for children.
  • Provide Leagues & Teams Access to Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s). Through affordable and hassle free means.
  • Work with local Medical Professionals to Provide Affordable Pre-Participation Physicals. To include: complete child and family medical history; Baseline ImPACT testing; ECG; and Limited Echocardiogram or MRI’s of the heart.
  • Provide Access to Sports Related Activity and Mentoring for Underprivileged Youth, At-Risk Youth and Youth from Families Struggling Through Financial Difficulties.
  • Provide Incentives for Youth Sports Coaches & Athletes to be their best on and off the field through awards and recognition of accomplishments.
  • Provide a single source of information on local youth sports happenings to encourage easier access to sports registrations, tryouts and camps & clinics.
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