A.E.D. Loaner Program

A.E.D. Loaner Program Agreement & Release

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Before submitting a request, Please Ensure you have read and agree to everything in our A.E.D. Loaner Program Policy & Procedures Here and that your organization meets the Eligibilty Requirements...

You Then Must Read & Agree To:

  1. Release of Liability (Form # GS-AED-2).

  2. Use of Equipment Agreement (Form # GS-AED-3)

The above forms must be read before submitting a request. They can be filled out and handed-in, in person, if and when your request is approved. Organization's Certified Safety Officer/Coach must be present at finalization meeting and must provide a copy of a valid ID and CPR/A.E.D. Certification Card or Certificate by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.



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