Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!

LVSportz Foundation in the Community_2Sometimes we may not have the resources to hold our own clinics or as a way of giving back to other community organizations, the LVSportz Foundation is honored and excited to work with other youth based camps, clinics and events that are free or little cost to the participants.

This helps us to increase our local youth’s exposure to a positive and safe sports experience. Our Partnership program lets us, and you, bring the community together for the greater good of our local youth. Whether exposing youth to sports or any other positive thing, by coming together we can create a win-win for everyone!

LVSportz Foundation Requirements:

  • Your Camp, Clinic or Event must be free or of little cost for the youth participants
  • You allow us 20-30 minutes to talk to parents and another 20-30 minutes to speak to the kids
  • If possible, you include the LVSportz Foundation on any and all endorsements (Flyers, Media) as participating in the event.
  • You allow the LVSportz Foundation to Have a Table/Booth at event for Informational Purposes such as handing out Youth Sports Safety Information
  • You allow the LVSportz Foundation, to take pictures of your Camp, Clinic or Event and publish them to our website and/or social networks
  • You allow us, if available and/or needed, to assist/volunteer

In Return, The LVSportz Foundation will:

  • Add the Camp, Clinic or Event to our Event Calendar
  • Place the Event Flyer, Logo, Image or Similar on Every Page of our Site
  • Send a Dedicated Email Blast for the Event to our Subscribers
  • List the Event on our Events page
  • Post the event to our FB, Twitter & Google+ accounts once a week and then the day before the Event
  • After the event we will, if applicable, publish the photos and/or add an article to our site about the event

What's Being Said?

Tera Mills
2013-06-30, 08:02
Thanks again for all the valuable information. Were still chatting about what he learned ;) (June 2013 Free Interactive Youth Sports Safety Clinic)