Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!

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Our Sportz Shotz Gallery was created as an easy way for Us and our Members to easily share and showcase photos from local sports such as athletes, teams, youth sports events, professional sports events, etc... We showcase photos on our frontpage and in our newsletters such as Random Photos, Most Viewed Shotz and the Highest Rated Shotz. Members are encouraged to add their Sportz Shotz and view, rate & comment on other shotz by other Members (heck, from time to time we'll jump in the mix and rate a few ourselves!).

Think You Have A Hot Sportz Shot? Have A Sportz Shot You'd Like To Share? What Are You Waiting For? Start adding your shotz and start telling your friends and family to get voting!!! We may even give out some type of Awards in the future...

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Katie Alexander
2013-06-30, 07:55
Thank you all!! (June 2013 Free Interactive Youth Sports Safety Clinic)