Is your company looking to broaden its reach and give back to the community?

We have just the thing for you and we won't charge you a penny! With the LVSportz Community Card you can generate extra business without taking out expensive advertising while also being recognized as giving back to our local youth and community!

How? By offering a discount to card holders you are:

Giving us the much needed funds to help local youth participate and be safe in sports who would otherwise not be able to

Giving a unique tool that local youth sports teams, schools and organization can use to raise funds that will help lower the out-of-pocket cost of youth athletes and parents


All you have to do is offer a discount to people who have an LVSportz Community Card. This can be any kind of discount such as: Buy One Get One; a Percentage Off; a Free Gift or Just About Anything you can think of!

Our program is Flexible & Unique! Instead of placing businesses on the card we've opted to hand out brochures with each card that list all the businesses currently active in our program at the time of printing. This allows you to run additional offers or limited time offers in addition to your base offer stated in your contract whenever you want!

In the brochure and on the card itself, there is a Barcode that carholders can scan with their phone that will take them directly to our Community Card Directory where they can find your business no matter where they are.

Your business will also receive a special window decal that not only signifies that you are a part of our program but it also includes a special barcode that people can scan that will take them directly to your business' listing show they can see all your current offer(s)!


The Details:

  1. You must agree to offer a base discount for a period of no less than 1 year
  2. You must honor your discount/offer at all times (except during stated blackout dates)
  3. Stated Blackout Dates must be made at the time of contract
  4. Special Offers must be submitted within 48 Hours of desired start time


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