This membership consists of local youth sports leagues and teams that believe in our mission and have started to take a stand to help make youth sports in our city better.

There are two levels to this membership:

Basic Level:

Within the past 12 months the league or team must have allowed us to come and speak to all of their parents AND players about positive youth sports and sports safety awareness.

Certified League/Team:

1) Accept our No Youth Athlete Left Behind Program at a Reduced Fee when applicable (Leagues Only)
2) Allow only LVSF Youth Sports Coach Development Certified Coaches to coach within their organization.
3) Follow our Coaches discipline guidelines, recommendations & rulings as set-forth in our Youth Sports Coach Development & Certification Program
4) Allow us to post important youth sports safety information at their office(s), games and/or events and allow us to take part in their opening ceremony/jamboree each season.
5) Require that all parents and athletes attend important youth sports safety clinics and seminars (in-person) at least once a year and prior to first participation in any sports related activity.
6) Proudly display the LVSportz Foundation's Youth Sports Alliance Member logo on their website and in their office(s)

JOIN NOW! (There is No Fees Associated with this Partnership)