Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!


We sincerely regret to inform you that all spots for the current Free Sports Physical & Heart Screening Event have been booked :(

However, we have instituted a Waiting List in case any of the already booked spots should become available due to a last minute cancellation.

Please GO HERE and complete the Wait List Form. If a spot opens up, we will notify the first person on the list via email and/or phone. First Come, First Serve Basis...

Please keep a look out for any of these emails or phone calls. If a notice is sent out, you will have 2 hours to respond back once the notice has been sent out, otherwise the next person on the list will be notified...

We Apologize for Any Inconvenience... Thank You for Your Understanding and Have a Great Day! :)



What's Being Said?

Shanelle Kunz
2013-05-31, 08:13
That was awesome, an absolute pleasure and learning experience. Y'all are incredibly inspiring. Thank You for your examples and I am grateful to have been able to be apart of the movement! and like LVSportz Foundation said nowhere to go but forward! (Fitness is Fun Test Project @ Doris French ES)