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If you are looking for a team to put your child on for this upcoming youth football season you have found one of the best. We are the Mad Dogs. We are proud club team in a competitive league. Our league home is with Elite Youth Sports. http://www.eliteyouthsports.net/home.php We have openings still on our U-8 and U-14 teams. Space is limited so please contact us ASAP! (league age is determined by what age your child is on July 31st.) We are always looking to bring more cheerleaders to our club so ask us about those opportunities also. Registration is on going and we are practicing. If you register after July 31st 2012, there is a $50 late registration fee. The Mad Dogs practice at brown Middle school during the week. Games are played on Saturdays. our season will start with our first game in late August. Fear not if you have never been involved with tackle football. We welcome all kids and are truly a family oriented group. Mad Dog Organization is located in Henderson (You do not need to live in Henderson to be on our team however.) and are trying to fill roughly 4 teams ages 5-14. Our u-10, and U-12 teams are always incredibly popular and have filled fast. But we still do have a handful of spots open on our U-8 and U-14 teams. Our organization is focused on helping these young men to learn proper principles on and off the field. If you look on the back of the T-shirts we handed out at our camp, there were three values that we stand for and instill in our kids. Commitment, Honor, Unity are those three values. We are excited to compete this year in Elite Youth Sports.If you would like to talk or come to our practices to see who we are, we would love to have you come. Cost to play is $250 per child with a discount for more than 1 child. Again any sign-up after July 31 will have a $50 late registration fee added to it. You will be provided a helmet and shoulder pads from the league. (In addition to a basic picture package, game pants, helmet decal set, home and away Game jersey.) All famlies are asked to provide cleats, mouth-guard, protective cup, practice clothes and sports physical. All players will learn basic fundamentals, techniques, leadership am many more. We are a caring, responsible, and organized league led by knowledgeable and attentive football coaches. We do limit our roster to numbers in the low 20's to make sure there is plenty of playing time for all of our players. We are not 1 of the clubs that carry's large 35 plus rosters and this guarantee's us the ability to work best with all of the players on every team. Along with maximize playing time for each and every player on the roster. Please feel free to email with info and any questions you may have and best way, and time to reach you back.


Organization Boundaries

You don't need to live in Henderson to join our club.

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Cost to play is $250 per child with a discount for more than 1 child

Required Equipment

Helmet and Shoulder Pads Provided by League. All families are asked to provide cleats, mouth-guard, protective cup, practice clothes and sports physical.




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