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Thoughts, Ideas and Experiences of local Parents, Team Mom's, Coaches and Other Members of the Las Vegas Youth Sports Community. This area is designed to help better everyone's experience throughout the entire Southern Nevada youth sports community and not just one sport, team or league.

There are dozens of leagues, hundreds of teams, thousands of kids and a multitude of different sports with each one of them having their different aspects. It's time we all come together to better our youth sports community!

This is not a place to bash on leagues, teams or people (save that for other social networks) and this is not an area for advertising your team, league or products, we have an announcements area for that.

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Coaches, we know it's hard to share your thoughts and ideas but this is not College or the Pro's. Help other coaches to better the lives of the children they coach. We're not asking you to share secret plays and other stuff like that.
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Saturday, 29 February 2020 04:58

Centennial Jr Bulldogs Football & Cheer

Written by
Centennial Jr. Bulldogs under new establishment is seeking football and cheer coaches to build a organized and solid organization in the Northwest. Please Call Spencer @ 702-326-0072
There is a letter floating around the web from a Volunteer Coach for Little League somewhere in the US, but it can be related to ANY sports coach. It also can relate to other volunteers within leagues and teams (i.e: Board Member, Team Mom, Coach, etc...).  Please take the time to read it and treat everyone with kindness in all youth organizations. Some people do not truly understand what it takes to be a youth coach that volunteers their time day in and day out. There are many behind the scenes things you may never realize your coach goes through...…
Monday, 21 April 2014 06:51

To Those 30 Percent of Parents...

Written by
Below is a repost of a status updates from one of our loyal followers who is a local youth football coach and we couldn't agree more with what he has to say...Reposted with the Approval of Author... Thought of the day (please chime in if you have a different opinion)... As I step into my 15th season as both a youth and high school coach, I think about all the kids I had the opportunity of coaching and mentoring. Then I think of the parents that I have come across, while I'll say 70% of the parents are there to…
While we talk a lot about youth athlete burnout here it is also important to recognize that youth coaches themselves can get burned out too. Burnout at higher levels such as pro and collegiate coaches is understandable as their livelihood often depends on the coaching position but when talking about youth coaches it's a whole other ballgame. Most youth coaches are volunteers and usually also have to contend with regular day jobs and their family on top of trying to keep a team together and running smoothly. Even 6+ hours a week for 3-4 months a couple times a year can…
Monday, 23 July 2012 15:09

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Written by
Article By: Sheldon Scott McArthur I am a firm believer in maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude or PMA. I have done considerable research on the subject and have endeavored to promote the practice in my daily life. I think it can be a valuable life lesson for everyone and is especially needed when dealing with difficult situations (like a devastating loss). I believe that PMA is an extremely important subject when teaching young people (why do we need to keep a positive attitude especially when faced with adversity).PMA is a state of mind that can be very empowering. Whether or…
Football, it's a Man's Sport right? Wrong! Football has always been known as a guys sport: Guys Love To Watch It, Guys Love To Talk About It & Guys Love To Play It. Most women despise the sport because of that or at least they used to. For many years women have been left on the sideline either as cheerleaders, spectators or just there to tag along with their man so they can get some time with them in the fall. For a few women however it's different, they have long dreamed about putting on some of those pads and…
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 17:37

Football for Girls: A Father's Tale

Written by
Being the father of a young daughter who absolutely loves football I know the upsides and downsides to a young girl who just wants to play a game that she loves but sometimes is told she can't or shouldn't.      Since the time my daughter, Lexus, was about 6 years old I knew she loved football, I just didn't realize how much. I first started realizing it when she would come and sit down and watch a whole game with me and her G-pa (a tag given to my dad by my son to signify grandpa). She would ask questions…
Written By Coach Dawn Redd from Coach Dawn Writes Our first inclination when we’re around someone we don’t get along well with is to run away. We avoid them, we discretely leave the room as soon as they enter it, we just stay away. And that works most times…except on teams. When I saw the title of this Harvard Business Review, I just knew I needed to bring it on over here. Conflict in groups is normal and the emotion that goes along with it is how I’m sure the author came up with this title: How to Work with…
Note: This was originally written in Feburary 2012 but was moved to a new section in 2013... A recent trip to the Local Urgent Care tonight really opened my eyes to the true state of awareness of the dangers of concussion's and the sad state of some of our local medical professionals...I had to take my teenage son to Urgent Care tonight due to an injury he had suffered the day before while snowboarding (Compression Fracture in his arm). While talking to the doctor about what happened we wandered into the discussion of concussion's since my daughter had to be…
Sunday, 10 March 2013 10:17

Paid Youth Sports Coaches

Written by
We would really like to hear your thoughts about this: A new and upcoming youth football league has proposed the idea of paying their head coaches the equivalent to what the local high schools pay their coaches, which is about $1,200 a season (if I stand corrected). They didn't say how they would pay for them but we are guessing it would probably come from registration fees and sponsorships. While one might worry (and rightfully so) that this would lead to a win-at-all-cost (and risk) attitude with the coaches, the league states that coaches wouldn't be evaluated on a win-loss…