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Sunday, 10 April 2011 18:57

**UPDATED** New Nevada Bill Being Considered to Protect Student Athletes

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**UPDATE** We have added a video of a story from KLASTV Channel 8 News that covers the same bill

Nevada is taking their own step to protect Nevada Student Athletes from head injuries. A bill recently introduced to the Nevada Assembly would help protect students who participate in Interscholatic sports. The bills main focus is to make people understand how dangerous hits to the head can be and to protect the athlete from further serious inury, even death. The bill mandates ...

that if a student is to take any type of hit to the head they must seek medical attention immediately and would be required to provide a note from a physician before returning to any sports realted activities. This is even true if the athlete does not lose conciousness.

It also states that all students and parents will be required to sign a form stating they understand the terms and conditions of the policy before being allowed to participate.

Read the Bill

This is far from being a complete solution to the problem but it is a serious step in the right direction. It is still the responsibility of the coaches and parents to teach their young athlete in trying to prevent such injuries.

The bill however does not introduce this to youth sports outside of school sponsored sports which should be the next step. While many, not all, local youth leagues do have such rules governing such injuries, many times they leave it up to coaches and don't set discipline if not followed or see that the rules are being adhered to.

The Bill needs to be expanded or a similiar one needs to be introduced for community youth sports.

All too many times as a coach or parent I have seen other coaches leave it up to the child or parent to decide if the player is ok to keep playing or not, just for the sake of winning, especially if it's one of their star players. Most parents and players, not understanding the future severity of problems from such repeated injuries not being treated immediately, will say they are ok and to let them finish the game saying "I'll just get them checked after the game".

While in recent years I have seen an inrease in more and more coaches making the responsible decision to pull players from games with such injuries and making them leave to get checked right away, then barring them from participation until checked by a physician with a note. This is something that needs to be etched in stone at ALL levels and parents, coaches & leagues need to be held responsible for not taking the crucial steps needed in protecting our youth from such serious, sometimes fatal, injuries.

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