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Sunday, 26 June 2011 01:43

We're Bringing LVTeamz Back! This time with its Original Intended Purpose!

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     I am excited to announce that we are bringing back LVTeamz! When we announced our name change from LVTeamz to LVSportz we said we maybe would utilize LVTeamz at a later time for something else. I have decided to bring LVTeamz back to serve its original intended purpose.

     Now that LVSportz is starting in the direction I've wanted it to and with the beginings of the LVSportz Foundation upon me, it still felt like something was missing? It was just the other day when looking back at where this all started I realized that it was the "team" element that really brought about this massive project and that I had since overlooked that. I thought about incorporating it into LVSportz but it just wasn't enough and I wasn't satisfied.

 LVTeamz will incorporate two features: 

1) A directory of teams that teams can use to showcase their team. Listings will feature a description of the team and vital need-to-know information for parents/players such as area of town, league affiliation, fees, contact info and more.

2) Individual Team Sites. If a team chooses this option, we will design and host a basic site for them, having it ran under lvteamz (lvteamz.com/yourteam)(cheaper) or under their own domain (yourteam.com)(a little more expensive).

     Teams choosing the team website option will have two options: a basic site or a custom site. Basic sites will all have the same template with the exception of logo, colors, images and content. Sites will include features such as event calendars, photo galleries, team manager, social network integration, back-end administration, e-mail account and much more. These and other options, details and pricing are currently under consideration.

     I am currently working on a demo site to showcase all the possibilities. Look for an official announcement and a special giveway via our FB & Twitter pages in the coming weeks... (Hint: Giveaways will only be to people who "Like" our FB Page & Follow us on Twitter)

Brian Bartolome
CEO/Founder - LVSportz & The LVSportz Foundation

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