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Sunday, 26 June 2011 01:46

Coming Soon: The LVSportz Foundation!

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     I am excited to let the cat out of the bag (though it be a little early)! I would like to Formally Announce our plans to launch: The LVSportz Foundation! While the foundation is still a few months off from actually launching I would like to let you all know what is in store and what I have been so diligently planning...

     The LVSportz Foundation will be a non-profit orgnization solely based and serving the Las Vegas area. Some of the exciting programs in store for this foundation are things like:

  • Youth Sports Registration Assistance
  • Youth Sports Equipment Assistance
  • Youth Coach Certification Program
  • Sports Injury Awareness & Prevention Programs
  • Youth Sports Awards

     I am still hammering out the details of these programs but they are coming together fairly nicely. I am also currently working on a completely new site for the foundation and it will be tied into the "Main" LVSportz site in some way, shape or form.

     Implementing the plans and visions of the programs above is only half the battle. I still need to find a Board of Directors who share in my vision, find volunteers & staff, take care of any legal hurdles and finally come up with funding. I've been doing a lot of research when I can find the time and there are some major hurdles to overcome...

If you share in my beliefs of:

A better youth sports experiance in our community with better accountability and oversight;

The belief that every youth deserves a chance to share in the experiances and life lessons that youth sports can give a child regardless of race, color, ethnic background, gender or financial standing;

The belief that once every child is given that chance that they are shown proper sportsmanship, be protected, be safe and have fun...

     Don't hesitate to contact me and join me in my quest. I could especially use the help of persons who have experiance in starting and running a non-profit organization and those with fundraising experiance...


Brian Bartolome
CEO/Founder - LVSportz & The LVSportz Foundation

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