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Friday, 04 November 2011 15:29

A Message from the Founder

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I "Soft" Launched the LVSportz site in June 2011, in a mere 6 months LVSportz has managed, on average, close to 5,000 page views per month. All this with no help and no physical advertising just Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)... Not a bad start ;) Thank You to all of our followers for your support so far!

The site heavily depends on the active involvment of local leagues, teams, players, parents & the community as a whole. Expanding LVSportz and broadening its reach is something I am still currently working on but on top of my full-time job (serving the community in a different way) and my own coaching endeavors, it has proven to be a difficult task to get others involved and to spread the word about LVSportz. I am constantly evolving the site in an effort to make it more attractive and easy to use while at the same time keeping it fresh.

Also, to clear up a misconception: LVSportz is not a league nor do I play on making it into a league. Rather the overall purpose is to help leagues/teams/events to broaden their reach in our community and provide them the tools to better their overall social impact.

The LVSportz website is just the tip of the iceberg, I have come up with plans for some great programs that will help everyone involved. My overall goals are to make a difference, to help those in need and to help bring structure and pride to the youth sports of our city. Is this going to be an easy task? no. There are many roadblocks to be overcome but they can be overcome.

LVSportz is not about making money, it is about serving the Community. I have thought about and have been asked about turning LVSportz into a non-profit but I would like to keep complete control over it. Until Nevada inacts legislation for Low-Profit (L3C) or Benefit Corporations I will keep it as is, a Social Enterprise whose main goal is helping to better the community over making a profit. Like all of you, I do have a family to provide for and the cost to run this company in its current form comes out of my pocket as what little I do make from the site doesn't even come close to what it costs to run (including what little time I do have). That being said this site will always be open and free for everyone to utilize.

There are plans to form a Private Foundation to help in funding some essential and interesting programs that will be benificial to both youth sports and the community. This will be launched in conjuction with another program. Combined, these 2 will create a remarkable opportunity to help the community in more than one way. When all is said and done it will still rely heavily on a few dedicated volunteers.

For years I have heard from numerous people that something needs to be done about the youth sports in our city but no one knew what or how to do it. Well, the creation of this site is just the first baby step of many more to come but I am just one person. If there is anyone else willing to step up to the plate with me, please feel free to contact me anytime, I could really use the help and know how from others willing to help make a difference.

As always your feedback is always welcome, in fact, it's critical. Thank You for continued support!

Brian Bartolome
Founder - LVSportz

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