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Monday, 14 November 2011 10:40

Looking Out For Our Community: Scammers Claiming to Represent Local Little Leagues

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sunsetpark-scoreboardWe first learned of this story via Facebook. Scott Snyder, a board member for Paridise Valley Little league, said his wife, Carrie who is a store manager at a local Starbucks, had told him that an unidentified African-American male in his mid to late 20's had came into her store with a clipboard with a hand written note, a bunch of cash and some gift cards on it asking to speak with a manager. The individual stated that he represented parents from Legacy Little League and that they were trying to raise money for a new scoreboard and other improvements for Sunset Park like new bases and equipment. Once Scott's wife started asking questions, trying to buy time to call the police and take a picture of the young man, he started taking gradual steps back to go out the door. She had told him she would need him to fill out a Starbucks request for donation form and would love to take care of them. She said it would take just a minute and that all he would need was his tax exempt number. When she left to get their actual form he ran out the door.

Scott says he has also talked to some other families from different leagues who said they have also had people come door to door at their homes asking for donations on behalf of Sunrise Mountain and/or Paradise Valley League for that supposed new scoreboard at Sunset Park. I spoke with Al Galvin from Clark County Parks & Recreation and he said he was unaware of this. He stated that the park has scoreboards and there is no plans to replace them. He also stated that he was under the impression that Sunrise Mountain Little League was folding and was no longer in existence.

It seems that the group is hitting all areas of town and are using a league name that does not match up with the area they are in. For example if they were in the Tropicana & Boulder Highway area they would say they are from Legacy Little League when in fact that area is zoned for Paradise Valley LL. They are even dropping names of board members which in most cases are past board members and were most likely taken off of a leagues website, even some of the website addresses they give don't even exsist. It seems if anyone asks too many questions they find a way to just disappear.

This is a very serious issue, with the economy as bad as it is, fundraising for any league is a hard enough challenge. To have a group of individuals doing this will only further hurt any league in their attempt to fundraise. Scott has been busy texting and emailing people he knows who are on other leagues boards and coaches trying to help create an awareness of this scam. He also stated "if we can't catch the people running this scam hopefully we can at least dry up the donations that they maybe getting and force the scam out of business".

If you happened to run upon this scam, please notify the authorities and don't try anything drastic. If you ever have any questions about someone who is asking for money, take their name and the name of the organization they are representing along with the organizations Tax ID and verify it before giving them any money. You can also verify any non-profit through the IRS website at: http://www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=96136,00.html or by callingĀ 1-877-829-5500.

If there is ever a question about improvements at a local park, you can call the local Parks & Recreation department for that park. All parks are either owned and maintained by the city, county or community association where it is located. The main sign at the park in question will usually tell you who runs it.

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