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Friday, 27 April 2012 10:52

Another Sad Day for the Local Little League Community

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jaxonIt all began about 1 year ago... It was the day before the most exciting baseball tournament of the season, 2011 Spring Training Tournament in Phoenix, AZ. Jaxon Bailey Piro, a vibrant 9 year old, with dreams and aspirations of one day being a famous Major League Baseball Player, going to watch as many MLB games as a young boy possibly could. Not to mention cheer on his brother Bryce’s club ball team, LV Desert Crush, whom he also has played for on a younger team. Mom, Dad, Bryce, Jaxon, Cayden, and Delilah had all piled into the huge van his Dad reserved for our travels. Everyone was so excited. MLB — HERE I COME… Jaxon had been feeling under the weather with what was believed to be an allergy, had been to the Doctor to then be informed it was a virus and would subside. So, the journey to Spring Training began!!!

Jaxon was soon to be diagnosed with Anaplastic Medulloblastoma, Brain Tumor. Yes, the “C” word… Cancer. Jaxon was scheduled immediately for surgery to remove the tumor, which was located on the cerebellum, the lower base of the brain; this controls balance, movement and posture.  He came out of the surgery better than even the doctors expected, and Steven and Meghan began cheering their victories, one positive win at a time.

Jaxon has endured more than any child should have to go through in their entire life with this disease. Two major surgeries, MRI’s, spinal tap, chemo, radiation, and simply too many needles to count, this has been his fight for the past 6 months.  He says that when he is a Major League Baseball Player, he is going to help others fighting cancer. Truly a champion in everyone’s eyes!

Although significant strides have been made in diagnosing and treating these tumors, Medulloblastoma tumors remain one of the most challenging pediatric tumors. Jaxon’s specific type of tumor is also very aggressive.

After six months of chemo and radiation, a new tumor was discovered, which had grown in two months, and while Jaxon was undergoing chemo treatment.  Another surgery, another tumor removed.  On a referral from their doctor Steve and Meghan decided to apply to be accepted into treatment with the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, TX.  The clinic was established in 1970.  For more information go to http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/.  The clinic is doing Phase 3 FDA Trials and each potential patient has to go through a grueling acceptance process.  If accepted by the clinic you must then get approved by the FDA.  Jaxon was approved and accepted into the FDA Trials, but unfortunately these Trials, because not yet FDA approved, are not covered by insurance, and after the already astronomical costs of Jaxon’s treatments/surgeries for the past 6 months; the medical bills are financially devastating. Since arriving at the clinic, they have discovered another tumor that grew in one week. They will not be removing it at this time, rather treating alternatively.


We are sadden to report that none of the treatments have been successful and the family has sadly had to make the most hardest choice for any parent: at 3:30pm today they removed the final piece of life support and let him finally rest in peace. Services for Jaxon have already been scheduled for next week in Las Vegas. The family will have to ship his body from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, TX where he was being treated.

We encourage all of you to take a few moments from your time this weekend and visit the website the family had set-up to support Jaxon through his ordeal: STRENGTH for JAXON. If you can, we encourage you to also make a donation to help the family recoup the costs of his very expensive medical treatments, funeral and other needs the family has endured through this long hard fought battle.

We also ask that if you have a game of any sort (for any sport) please take a short moment of silence before hand to remember Jaxon, Spencer Melvin (another little leaguer who passed away from a heart condition just before a game just recently) and any other families who have lost a child.

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