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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 21:37

Katie Couric Talks Concussions in Youth Sports

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In a recent episode of the Katie Couric Show, Katie discusses concussions in young children. Her guest for the segments is Dr. Robert Cantu, a leading neurosurgeon and author of Concussions and our Kids, who strongly encourages and advocates that children don't participate in contact sports until the age of 14.

The basis of his push for the age limit is due to the fact that young necks are much weaker than in older children which can result in a more violent movement of the head during a hit or impact that creates a whiplash type movement.

He also says that at around age 14, children start to develop a sheath covering in their brain called Myelin. Myelin is a coating that covers or 'sheaths' the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. In essence, it's a protective covering that helps to prevent injury to the neurons in the brain.

Below are videos from the segement, we encourage all parents, players and coaches to view each of them and pay close attention to each of the stories:


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