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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 15:56

Determining Future Participation

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After your child has completed a season of participation, use your answers to the following questions as a guideline for determining his/her future participation.

~ Did your child have fun? 

~ Did your child’s emotional and social maturity match that of his/her teammates? 

~ Was the coaching staff’s team selection consistent with its stated philosophy?

~ Was the program’s actual administration consistent with its stated philosophy? 

~ Was the equipment sufficient and available for all participants? 

~ Was the number of practices, contests and tournaments appropriate for this level 
of activity?

~Did the coaching staff modify activities to meet individual participants’ needs?

~Did the coaching staff interact and communicate effectively and respectfully with participants, parents and officials? 

~ Did the coaching staff emphasize encouragement and positive feedback? 

~ Did the coaching staff teach participants how to cope with negative feelings, such as embarrassment, anger, frustration and fear?

~Were the coaching staff and officials knowledgeable about the sport?

~ Did the coaching staff and officials demonstrate, teach and encourage good sportsmanship?

~Were the officials fair and consistent in their rulings?

~ Were the awards appropriate, and did they emphasize participation, skill improvement and teamwork?
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