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Thursday, 09 May 2013 18:27

Derek Sheely's Story

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As we are out and about in the Las Vegas community, we have been giving out concussion awareness kits to parents, coaches and young athletes that were provided to us by the Derek Sheely Foundation which was created by Derek's family shortly after his passing. Though we were never blessed enough to know Derek personally, we have created a strong bond with his family since we first made contact with them and are honored to be sharing his story as part of our P.A.S.S. Community Outreach Program.

The story here on our website contains a little more information about who Derek was than what is included in the brochure given out in the kits. We wanted to post that additional information here as a testament to the person he was and for his family that has endured so much. Their efforts have helped our efforts and vice-versa, we are truly appreciative of that!

We have been sharing his story across the valley and recently realized that we were missing an important segment... Our online readers and followers who we haven't come face to face with yet. I wanted to make sure that everyone can see his story here on our website also. And just because you read it here doesn't mean you shouldn't grab a kit when you see us out and about, the kits contain information that every athlete, parent and coach should read on concussion's. They also contain two "Prevent Brain Injury" rubber wrist bracelets for you and your child to wear to remind you that brain injury can be prevented. Our staff wears them all the time and so should you!


Derek's Story

Derek Thomson Sheely was a strong, extremely healthy, and smart 22-year-old honor student who played fullback and linebacker in pee wee, high school, and college football for nine years. He was smart and witty, silly and sarcastic, caring and passionate, teasing and comforting, and leading and driven. Derek had a big heart, heroic willpower, a beautiful smile, a strong hug, a sharp wit, and amazingly warm blue eyes. Derek was a natural leader who did so by example, a dedicated warrior who pushed himself, a passionate and loyal friend and brother who always seemed to know when to give you a sarcastic tease or a big hug.

Derek wore the number 40 and was a two-time academic all-conference selection in college and wanted a career in public service.

Derek never had any officially documented concussion's in the ten years he played. On August 22, 2011, during football practice for his senior season at Frostburg State University, Derek suffered a traumatic brain injury and died one week later on August 28, 2011. It is suspected that he died from what is referred to as Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) which is when a second concussion is sustained (happens again) before the brain has had time to recover from a first concussion.


One Family's Tragedy Helps Others To Go On

Derek Sheely lived his life with dedication and compassion – for his family, his friends, and his teammates whom he loved as brothers. Derek never hesitated to help those in need of his strength, his heart, or his witty perspective. It was not surprising that Derek became an organ donor when he earned his driver’s license, even though we had never discussed the topic with him. Through his gift of life, Derek continues to help others. We would like to share with you those he helped.

Derek’s powerful kidneys were able to save two Maryland men. One is a 31-year-old who is fluent in Spanish and was in need of lifesaving surgery since Spring, 2010. The other is a 70-year-old engineer for the Department of Energy and was in need since Winter, 2009.

Derek’s beautiful blue eyes were able to help two blind people see.

The details of all of Derek’s donations are not currently known to us, but we do know that Derek saved many lives through transplants and medical research.

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