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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 09:44

Interactive Youth Sports Safety Clinic Aims to Help Local Youth Stay Safe in Sports

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Wednesday June 19th, 2013 Las Vegas, NV – Every year more than 3.5 Million youth in the United States will suffer some type of traumatic injury as the result of playing sports. This is at a cost of billions of dollars to the U.S. economy. With proper awareness and prevention techniques many of these injuries can be prevented from happening in the first place.

Athletic trainers play a crucial element in helping to ensure athletes are safe while playing sports. They are certified health care professionals that have been educated and specialize in the prevention and care of athletic injuries and do their best to assist their patients, clients and athletes to be their best.

On Monday June 24th through Thursday June 27th the National Athletic Trainers Association will be here in Las Vegas for their annual national meeting, clinical symposia and trade show. It is the premier live event for athletic trainers, offering important educational advances, career networking, association business and social opportunities.

Every year the Young Professionals Committee within the NATA does a free community service project in the host city and this year they have partnered up with the local non-profit the LVSportz Foundation to provide local youth with a free interactive glimpse into sports safety and the role athletic trainers play in keeping athletes safe.

On Monday June 24th from 2pm to 4pm the NATA and LVSF are holding a free interactive youth sports safety clinic for kids ages 8 to 17 at Longevity Sports Center (5975 Topaz St, LV, NV 89120). This fun-filled afternoon is aimed at helping kids and their parents interactively learn about Fitness, Flexibility, Hydration, Nutrition, Heat Illness, Concussions, Athletic First Aid, Balance and More! The kids will be moving and participating in rotating mini-sessions that are designed to keep them interested while they learn the tools they need to safely Stay in the Game!

All volunteers instructing the group are Certified Athletic Trainers from the NATAs Young Professionals committee.

LVSF’s partnership with the NATA for the clinic comes as part of the foundation’s new Positive And Safe Sports (or P.A.S.S.) initiative. The initiative is focused on helping provide local parents, coaches and children with the information and tools they need to ensure every local youth’s sports experience is as fun, positive and safe as it should be.

Brian Bartolome, Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation says “Our children’s participation in youth sports plays a vital role in keeping them healthy and fit while providing valuable life skills and values that can help to strengthen their future and the future of our community. Unfortunately, sports safety issues like these keep many children out of sports. By giving them the knowledge and tools to stay safe, they can continue to achieve these benefits.”

Also joining in the clinic is 18 year old Sasha Pina who is LVSF’s Sports Concussion Advocate. Sasha suffers from the long-term effects of a major concussion she incurred while playing youth soccer over 2 years ago. She will be sharing her story with the kids and explain to them how it happened and the long road to recovery after suffering from a major Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as the result of playing sports.

Space for the clinic is limited; Those interested in participating are encouraged to pre-register online at http://lvsfsafety.eventbrite.com or visit http://lvsportz.com/pass for more information on the PASS Program and similar clinics.

About the LVSportz Foundation
The LVSportz Foundation is a multi-faceted Nevada non-profit whose goal is to help Southern Nevada youth Get in the Game, Enjoy the Game and Stay in the Game. They offer positive sports tools, sports safety information, youth sports registration assistance, free youth sports clinics and youth sports recognition as well as news and announcements on every aspect of youth sports in the Southern Nevada area.

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