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Background Screening

Every coach in our program must have successfully passed an in-depth background screening within the past two years. There are Two Options:

If the coach has already received a background check from another organization such a local police department, school district or national governing body of sport the coach must provide us with:

  • Date of Background Check
  • Organization Who Requested the Background
  • Name of Company who Conducted the Background Screening

If LVSF is unable to obtain a copy of the result of that test that says the coach "passed", the coach must receive another background screening through us (see below)

For coaches who have not yet had a background in the past two years or for those who we can not verify, they must undergo a screening through our program.

The LVSportz Foundation is proud to have partnered with Protect Youth Sports to provide a comprehensive background check on all certified coaches. Coach Background Checks through industry expert Protect Youth Sports are designed to help The LVSportz Foundation and other organizations from across the country maintain a thorough background screening process and child abuse prevention program for volunteers, staff and employees. Preventing sexual predators and violent offenders from working with children and youth is our primary concern. 

Protect Youth Sports has established a very firm and reputable standing within the youth sports market for background screening. All coach background screenings include:

  • SSN Verification and Address History
  • National Criminal Database Search
  • National Sex Offender Search
  • Re-verification of criminal records
  • Automatic Coach Scoring System (Pass/Fail)

The SSN search validates the SSN that a particular applicant provides. The SSN search is vital to verifying the identity of an individual, alias names and any previous addresses. All alias names found are searched on the national database and sex offender registries, in addition to the applicant name provided.

The National criminal database search has the potential to identify certain crimes that may have occurred outside any addresses found on the SSN search. The national search is not recommended as a stand-alone service in every state due to the limitations of the data being queried. The sex offender search will identify if an applicant is listed on a particular sex offender registry. The sex offender search is critical to identifying any prior sex offenses. All hits found on the database and sex offender registries are re-verified for accuracy in compliance with FCRA ยง613.

This is a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT for all coaches. All screenings are conducted online and handled by Protect Youth Sports and at no time will the details of such screenings ever be made public, only a simple (PASS/FAIL) will be added to your LVSportz coaches profile.

Cost for the background check is $15 (due at time of application/screening) and must be paid by the applicant.