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CPR, AED & First Aid Certification

All LVSF PASS Coach Program coaches are required to obtain and stay current in CPR, First Aid & AED training. This training may be obtained using either the American Red Cross or American Heart Association standards.

LVSF provides American Red Cross certification for a low fee that can't be found anywhere else in town. However the classes are only held every so often. If you are part of a group of coaches that are equal to 5 persons or more we can schedule a class. Certification for all 3 is only $30 and also includes a CPR/First Training Kit and an exclusive 1 hour Sports Safety Awareness & Prevention course. See Our Game-Saver CPR/AED/First Aid Program for additional information...

Coaches who do not have certification at the time of entry into the PASS Coach Program and who do not get their certification through us MUST provide us with a copy of their certification cards once they have them...