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Become an Official PASS Organization

Does You Organization Want to Stand Out From the Rest? Do You Want To Make Sure You're Doing Everything You Can to Ensure Your Players Have a Safe and Positive Experience While Increasing Your Exposure?

If you answered yes to the above then we have just the thing for you! Our Official Participating PASS Youth Sports Organization Program is designed to help give you all the things mentioned above and more!

Furthermore it is simple, easy and costs very little (in fact most of it's free)!

First we liked to applaud you for just taking the time and interest in looking into this program! Next we'd like tell you a little more about the program and then, when you're ready, sit down and talk with you about how to get started.

We Are Currently Looking for a Few Programs to Help Us in a Pilot Test of the Program, Contact Us Today!

An official organization is an organization that works together with us to help ensure our children's sports experience is as positive and safe as can be by utilizing our Positive and Safe Sports (PASS) programs on a regular basis. Organizations must have the following within their organization to receive the official designation and recognition:

  • Coaches in the organization must have and be current in our PASS Coach Program Certification (Background Check, CPR/AED/First Aid Certification, Positive Coaching Course, National Youth Sports Coach Association training/membership). For Teams: All Coaches, including assistants | For Leagues: All Head Coaches;
  • Have at least 1 AED or are utilizing our Game-Saver AED Rental Program (pending, not required yet);
  • Require all athletes to pass a yearly Pre-Participation Physical Exam;
  • Require that all athletes ages 10 and older within the organization receive training in our Game-Saver CPR, AED Basics and Sports Safety Awareness ProgramAlso Encourages parents/family members to participate in the Game-Saver training with their athletes;
  • Encourages or Requires Parents/Family Members to become members of the Parents Alliance for Youth Sports (through the LVSF Chapter);
  • Must make parents aware of participation in our program and brief them on their options in regards to the PASS Coach Program;
  • Participate at least once a year in our Southern Nevada Teamz Care program;
  • Actively participate in helping LVSF in PASS related research such as coach, player and/or parent surveys.

As a recognized program the organization will have the designation of "Official Participating PASS Youth Sports Organization" in our Youth Sports Organization Directory and the Official Participating YSO information page as well as official use of the Official Participating PASS YSO logo for that year/season. Other recognition may include, but is not limited to, inclusion in social media and other marketing of PASS related programs including a welcoming social post for your inclusion in the program.

Participating Organizations are also eligible for our Southern Nevada Youth Sports Organization of the Year Award. Coaches who are part of our PASS Coach Program are also eligible for our Southern Nevada Youth Sports Coach of the Year Award.

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