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Tuesday, 02 September 2014 12:54

LVSF to Hold Free Sports Physical & Youth Athlete Heart Screening for Local Youth

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Las Vegas, NV - September 2nd, 2014 -- On Saturday September 6th, 2014 the LV Sportz Foundation, through the support of the Glen Lerner Gives Back program, has partnered with the Las Vegas Musicians and Artist Community (LVMAC), First Person Care Clinic, the American Institute of Medical Sonography, Total Sports Medicine and HealthCare Partners Cardiology to provide local youth with FREE comprehensive pre-participation physical evaluations (PPEs/Sports Physicals) and youth athlete heart screenings featuring EKG’s and Echocardiogram’s.

The screening event will be held at the Cashman Center located at 850 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101 on Saturday September 6th from 10am to 3pm. Interested parents must pre-schedule an appointment by visiting the LV Sportz Foundation’s Website at http://lvsportz.com/ppe for scheduling, forms and more information.

The event is co-hosted by a larger 2 day event taking place that weekend called “Gear Up! Youth Community Awareness Event Highlighting Bullying” which is being put on by the Las Vegas Musicians and Artist Community. That features bullying workshops, free kid haircuts, a concert, car show and special guest appearances from NASCAR driver Taylor Barton and others.

It's estimated that more than 100 young athletes die each year in sports-related incidents, and the National Athletic Trainers' Association projects that nearly half of those deaths are attributed to sudden cardiac death. Some causes include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) which involves the thickening of the heart muscle, forcing the heart to work harder to pump blood. Along with other cardiac problems, HCM is the overwhelming cause of sudden death in young athletes.

It is recommend by the NATA, the American Academy of Pediatricians and the American Heart Association that every child has an annual Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPE) prior to participating in strenuous exercise or competitive sports, regardless if it is mandatory or not, to prevent sudden cardiac death and other major health issue on the playing fields.

A PPE can help identify congenital heart defects that can lead to SCA as well as any other musculoskeletal, spinal, dermatological or other health problems or risk factors a child may have. A PPE is different from a standard physical. The PPE specifically focuses on a child’s well-being as it relates to playing a sport. It's more limited than a regular physical, but it's a lot more specific about athletic issues.

Brian Bartolome, Executive Director of the LV Sportz Foundation said, “We have established this unique and innovative screening event to ensure that student athletes receive potentially life-saving exams to prevent such incidents without added cost.”

He further stated that, “Using an EKG along with an Echocardiogram as a screening tool, in conjunction with a qualitative physical exam and review of personal and family history, physicians are better able to detect cardiac abnormalities in young athletes. We know we can’t catch everything but if we can identify even just one or two abnormal screens and potentially save a life, is it not worth the extra precaution especially if we can offer them for free so that they are equally accessible to everyone?”

Dr. Alfred Danielian, participating cardiologist from HealthCare Partners stated, "The LV Sportz Foundation’s Heart Screening Program for the local community is an effective way to detect conditions that may lead to sudden cardiac death in young athletes."

The LV Sportz Foundation also stated that they are working on doing this type of event on a quarterly basis and are looking at other possible options that include a Concussion Readiness Screening Program and/or sickle-cell screening.

The screening events are part of the foundation’s larger Game-Saver Program which also includes low-cost American Red Cross CPR/AED Certification for coaches/team moms, hands-only CPR training for student-athletes and an A.E.D. Loaner program as part of their Positive and Safe Sports (P.A.S.S.) Initiative.

Event Details

Who: The LV Sportz Foundation, Las Vegas Musicians & Artist Community (LVMAC), First Person Care Clinic, HealthCare Partners Cardiology, American Institute for Medical Sonography and Total Sports Medicine

What: Free Sports Physicals and Heart Screenings for Local Student Athletes

When: Saturday September 6th, 2014 from 10am to 3pm

Where: Cashman Center, 850 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101


This event is open for All Press Coverage. Contact Brian Bartolome, LV Sportz Foundation (702-561-1267 or [email protected]) for interviews, scheduling or additional information.

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