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Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!


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Wednesday, 11 September 2019 18:26

Sunbuggy Adventure Donation Gift

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Thank You for Your Interest in Donating to the LV Sportz Foundation! Sunbuggy has Offered a Gift Certifcate to the first person who donates $100 or More!...

The gift certificate presents the winner with a one-hour `CHASE` in a 4 seat vehicle”, their world-famous signature event riding dune buggies on adventure set on 15,000 acres of desert land. All safety gear is included. 4 hours door to door. They also have a Pismo Beach, California, location and the gift certificate can be used at either location.

Donation Amount Options Are: 1 = $100; 2 = $150; 3 = $200. Please Select Below:


Donation Amount Options
Wednesday, 11 September 2019 18:22

Accentrick Donation Gift

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Thank You for Your Interest in Donating to the LV Sportz Foundation! Accentrick has Offered $100 gift card that can be used towards any tint package for the first 2 people to donate $10 or More!...

ACCENTRICK TINT LLC is a 5 Star rated company doing business since 1993. Owner operated to ensure the best possible window tinting experience. Auto, Home and Business!

Donation Amount Options Are: 1 = $10; 2 = $25; 3 = $35. Please Select Below:


Donation Amount Options
Wednesday, 04 September 2019 15:03

Code Ninjas Donation Gift

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Thank You for Your Interest in Donating to the LV Sportz Foundation! Code Ninjas (Centennial Hills) has Offered 1 Month of their product for the first 3 people to donate $50 or More! Must Be First Used by September 30th, 2019...

Do your kids like computers? They'll love Code Ninjas! Our center is a fun and welcoming place where girls and boys ages 7-14 learn to code by building their very own video games. They have a blast while learning coding, robotics, math, logic, and teamwork. Kids have fun and parents see results!

Donation Amount Options Are: 1 = $50; 2 = $75; 3 = $100. Please Select Below:


Donation Amount Options

Wednesday, 04 September 2019 14:51

All Sold Out!

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You Donation is Still Vital In Our Mission However, Please Continue Your Donation Even With Nothing In Return!




Official PayPal Seal




Working To Better Southern Nevada Youth Sports

There are a number of things that we offer to you at no cost to you or the parents within your organization; it’s just up to you to use them.

Vital Information, One Location

We have been and will continue to grow dramatically and that’s a good thing for you when looking to recruit kids to play in your organization!

We are out in the community at a lot of different community events as well as visit with a number of schools where we give out our website information to a lot of parents and kids…

As of September 2013, our public interaction stats included: close to 470 Likes on our Facebook Page with a reach of over 1,300 per week and an active engagement of over 100 people per week. Our profile has over 1,000 friends.

(Facebook Page Insights)

Our website in just the last 6 months (from April 1 to September 29) had over 14,000 visits of which 72% where first time visitors and close to 30,000 page views.

(Goolge Analytics)

So, How Does This Benefit Your Organization? Through our contact with parents throughout the community and through our social media channels, we are always being asked:

  1. Can you recommend any league/team for my child?
  2. What is a good organization or sport for my child?
  3. What’s the closest league/team to my home or area of town?
  4. I am looking for a particular sport that allows girls/boys.
  5. Much more…

We point these parents to the Southern Nevada Sports Connection section of our website ( There, they can find announcements from organizations, like yours, find a league or team in our directory and much more…

Here you can do a number of things to market your organization for free, no strings attached:

  • post information about your upcoming registrations, tryouts, camps, clinics and more
  •  add your organization to our directory;
  • congratulate your team or players on a win or a job well done;
  • showcase your team or league supporting a cause such as breast cancer awareness month;
  • provide game/tournament updates;
  • post fundraising events;
  • & More!

All information that is recently added or updated on website is then posted to our social media channels via Facebook and Twitter and will also be included in our semi-weekly e-newsletter, thus giving your information the best chance at being seen!

It's as easy as going to our contact page HERE and submitting the easy to use form...


Making Southern Nevada Area Youth Sports More Positive & Safe

This is the big one! We recently announced the launch of our new P.A.S.S. Initiative. P.A.S.S. stands for Positive and Safe Sports and we use the acronym as a way for parents, kids and coaches to keep the idea in the back of their mind while being active not just in sports but in all physical activity and life itself.

Our initiative contains several programs that are geared to help ensure that everyone involved in youth sports has up-to-date information and training on the various youth sports safety issues as well as positive sports tools. We provide a wealth of this information via our website that is easily accessible to everyone.

 In addition to information found on our website, we provide several ground-breaking programs that are geared towards making your job easier:

Sports Organization Outreach

This is where it all starts and it is the basic form of what we do. We can visit with your organization on-location and talk to the parents and kids separately for 30 minutes each. We talk to them about their role in making their experience a positive one.

We then talk about sports safety issues such as Concussions, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, MRSA, Heat Illness, Hydration, Abuse/Neglect and more. We explain what they are, how they happen and what they can do on their part to recognize and prevent them.

You can also allow us to set-up a table/booth at your opening ceremonies, jamboree’s or team events where we can hand out information and can talk to parents/kids as they see fit on their own time during your event or allow us to speak to the group.

We prefer environments (such as small groups) which allows us to speak interactively with the kids.

Game-Saver CPR/AED/First Aid Program

Building on top of our general sports organization outreach, we take on a more interactive role with your coaches, players and parents. This program features two sub-programs: one specifically designed for coaches, team moms and league administrators while the other is specifically designed for student-athletes and their parents.

CPR/AED/First Aid Certification and Sports Safety Awareness for Coaches, Team Moms and League Administrators

CPR/AED/First Aid is something that every coach and person that is actively involved in youth sports should have training in. The biggest complaint about trying to get this training for coaches has been cost.

We have partnered with the American Red Cross and Certified Athletic Trainers to provide a unique and cost-effective program that you won’t find anywhere else! The reasoning that it’s too expensive is no longer an excuse… Certification in all 3 is only $30 per person and we don’t profit one cent from it!

In addition to CPR/AED/First Aid Certification, our classes also include a Youth Sports Safety Awareness and Prevention segment that overview's issues such as Concussions, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), Hydration/Heat Illness, MRSA, Abuse, Pre-Participation Exams and more as it relates to trends in our local environment as well as legal requirements and possible liability issues.

Hands-Only CPR, AED Basics & Sports Safety Awareness & Prevention for Student-Athletes

CPR and AED for coaches is great but what if it's before or after a game or practice and someone collapses from sudden cardiac arrest but the coach isn't there yet or maybe just left and no one else around has had CPR training? Maybe the kids decide to take to the park to get a few hours of extra training in and it happens there? We could go on and on about possible situations but the point is why chance it? For us this is something that can and has happened here locally.

We work with local leagues and teams to provide youth 10 and older with training in Hands-Only CPR, AED basics and vital sports safety information for FREE. The zest here is to get them introduced to the concept and fundamentals so that they understand it enough that if a teammate or someone else around collapses they'd know what to do.

There is no cost for this program and it will only take about 1.5 hours of your organizations time for organizations with 100 or less players. For larger organizations, like leagues, we prefer we do it on a Saturday as a “league day”. Depending on the age and number of players, this can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours as we will utilize a rotating station format.

We stress to the kids the importance of knowing how to properly perform these life-saving steps. Training should be repeated prior to the beginning of every season or at the very least, once a year.

AED Rental Program

At this time we are still seeking funding for this program that would put AED’s in the hands on many youth sports organizations without the worry of cost and maintenance. AED’s are expensive and take a lot to maintain. Our goal is to provide an affordable AED rental program so that teams and leagues may have at least one available no matter where they are. AED’s will be provided in a rugged and durable weather-proof hard case and include all necessary equipment to perform CPR and Defibrillation of both adults and children.

Pre-Participation Physicals, Heart Screenings & Baseline ImPACT Screenings

Working together with the local medical community our goal is to provide reduced fee or free sports physicals for local youth. Our overall goal with these screenings will also be to include ECG and/or a Limited 2-D Echocardiogram (or MRI) of the heart with every screening as well as a Baseline ImPACT test for youth ages 10 and up.

Our goal is to have youth sports organizations to have these as a requirement for the children in their organization. By knowing the start date of the majority of leagues throughout the area, we can adapt these screenings before the start of the seasons at least 4 times a year as to include as many free or low-cost screenings as possible. The secondary goal is to work with other clinics throughout the valley to offer options for those who miss these events.

free sports safety clinics, on-site outreach and a unique CPR/AED program. Our goal is to have this made mandatory for all teams using local venues such as sports fields and schools.

P.A.S.S. Coach Program & Certification

Want to assure your parents that their child is going to have a positive and safe experience with your organization? Our P.A.S.S. Coach Program and Certification program is designed to do just that!

Program Coaches:

  • Must have a verifiable background check every two years;
  • Must be current in CPR, AED & First Aid Certification from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association;
  • Must complete a Sports Safety for Coaches Course;
  • Must complete at least 1 of the 3 Positive Coaching Courses;
  • Must become or be a current member of the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) and be in good standing;
  • Must abide by the NYSCA Coaches Code of Ethics;
  • For Tackle Football: Must have successfully completed the USA Football’s Heads Up Football Coaches Program.

Coaches can already have some or all the above requirements prior to enlisting in our program.

Official Participating PASS Organization Program

More Info

Become an Officially Recognized Program by working with us to provide the most positive and safe environments for our children!

Organizations that work together with us and have the following within their organization can receive the designation and recognition:

  • Coaches in your organization must have and be current in our PASS Coach Program Certification. (For teams, All Coaches, including assistants); For Leagues, All Head Coaches Only)
  • Have at least 1 AED or are utilizing our Game-Saver AED Rental Program (pending)
  • Require all athletes to pass a Pre-Participation Physical Exam
  • Require all athletes ages 10 and older to receive training in our Game-Saver CPR, AED Basics and Sports Safety Awareness Program
  • Must make parents aware of participation in our program and brief them on their options on following our guidelines

As a recoginzed program your organization will have the designation of "Official Participating Organization" in our Youth Sports Organization Directory and the PASS Participating YSO information page as well official use of the Official PASS YSO logo for that year/season. Other recognition may include, but is not limited too, inclusion in social media marketing of PASS related programs.

Also: When we are out and about in the community and are asked if we can "refer" someone to an organization, we will refer them to the Official Participating Organization page first. 



Other Programs

By supporting us you will be helping our organization to support our local youth through several programs that we designed to help us accomplish our mission, goals and objectives:

No Youth Athlete Left Behind™

As both coaches and parents, we have seen an increase in the number of children who are turned away from having a chance to participate in youth sports because the parents just can't afford it. The costs for registration, equipment and uniforms have increased dramatically over the past decade. While the leagues try their best to keep costs down, the fees incurred by the leagues are always being increased. Things such as insurance, field and referee costs have gone up substantially and all are necessary to run a league. Coupled with the current economy, it has made it hard for leagues, coaches and parents alike.

Goals of this Program:

1) Ensure that every child who has a desire to play youth sports is afforded that opportunity regardless of their families’ financial standing

2) Ensure that every player has the proper safety equipment for their sport

Southern Nevada Teamz Care

We are dedicated to showing how local youth players/teams/leagues care by showcasing their support for a cause of their choice. Pictures are added to our SNTC section and our Sportz Shot Gallery along with the players/teams/leagues name and a short description. The section is updated as new pictures come in and are added to our social networks as well!

This is open to any local player, team and or league who wishes to take part, from youth sports teams to high school and adult teams....

Send us some of your photos and a description of your team supporting a cause today, it's as simple as using our easy to use form!

We are excited to announce that we have expanded this program to include Community Give Back/Involvement Opportunities! We will post and coordinate with local non-profit and community organizations on specific opportunities for local youth sports organizations to get involved in...

This is a GREAT WAY for your organization to come together to support any number of great causes while getting the added benefits of strengthened team building/bonding, improved team moral and getting the kids involved in community service!

Southern Nevada Youth Sports Awards™

The awards honor local youth athletes and coaches below the High School level and were created as way to recognize them for their tremendous dedication, commitment and time to local youth sports and to the community as a whole. Youth coaches and athletes are nominated by other coaches, parents and athletes though a nomination process held via the LVSportz website every fall and the winners are selected through a selection panel.

Youth Athletes of the Year are chosen not only for demonstrating great stats in their sport but for also showing excellent principles in teamwork, leadership, discipline, respect, sportsmanship, community involvement and a high or significantly rising grade point average. One Male and One Female youth athlete are chosen for every sport there is a nominee for. From those winners one Male and Female Overall Youth Athlete will be chosen.

Youth Coaches of the Year are chosen for their overall Coaching Activities, Sportsmanship, Player Development (both on and off the field), Personal Coaching Development and their overall community involvement. One coach is chosen for every sport there is a nominee for. From the sport winners one Overall Coach of the Year will be chosen.


Welcome to The LV Sportz Foundation!

Welcome to the LV Sportz Foundation!

Helping Southern Nevada Youth


LVSF Cover cropped

Our Mission:

Help Southern Nevada Youth Get Active and Stay Active in Sports;

Help Parents & Coaches to Provide Athletes a Fun & Positive Experience;

Help Spread Awareness and Prevention of Youth Sports Safety Issues;

Provide an Outlet of Information on Everything Youth Sports in Southern Nevada!

We are a multifaceted Nevada Not-For-Profit organization that is dedicated to improving all aspects of youth sports in the Southern Nevada area. Founded in March of 2012, we are quickly leading the way to a more Positive and Safe Sports experience for our local children, increasing access to sports related activity and helping to secure the future of our community through our children today!

Our Foundation was created with overall major goal to increase the awareness and prevention of sports related safety issues plus so much more. We want to decrease the number of injuries and/or deaths attributive to these safety issues, increase access to sports related activity and increase the positive experiences of our local youth in sports.

We are implementing several amazing free or low-cost programs that are geared towards teaching coaches, parents and children on the recognition and prevention of all safety issues, not just one or two while putting perspective back on the primary benefits of sports related activity.

All our programs are free or of low-cost to participating children. Some are specifically geared towards at-risk or disadvantaged youth but are they are always open to ALL YOUTH across Southern Nevada.

We are not a league or team, rather we are a place where parents, athletes and coaches can go to for Assistance & Information... By not tying ourselves to just one league, team or sport our programs are setup to help the most number of kids in our community thus pushing the benefit of donations and sponsorships we receive even further. Add in alliances with other youth based non-profits with other focus points and we have a Win-Win for our entire community!

We also strive to provide unparralled access to information on the local happenings and accomplishments from within the local sports community!

To find out how the LV Sportz Foundation benefits you, please see below and CLICK HERE to read a Message From Our Founder on Why Youth Sports is Important for Our Children & How it Impacts Our Entire Community.

Helping Local Youth in the Game:

There are many benefits to sports at an early age that can help to pave a child's way to success in the future as an adult. The first step is getting them active and keeping them active in sports:

  • Provide a single most reliable source of information on local youth sports happenings to provide easier access to sports leagues, teams, registrations, tryouts and camps & clinics.

  • We provide and/or partner with Free youth sports related events like camps and clinics to increase our local youths chance of being able to experience a wide variety of sports whether it be for the first time or a possible additional sport choice and to also help in advance or tune the skills of already established athletes.

  • We also provide registration and equipment assistance to at-risk youth and youth from families struggling through financial difficulties so that they don't miss out on learning core life values and physical activity.

  • Our Spark! Youth Sports Development Program to ensure our kids have proper introduction to various sports and  proper sports development.

Helping Local Youth Enjoy the Game:

The second step is making sure that they have a fun and positive experience. Ensuring that they not only learn the skills at a particular sport but that they also learn core life skills in a safe, fun and positive experience can help to shape our community's future. It takes everyone that is involved with youth sports whether it's the coaches, the parents and even the athletes themselves to reach this goal. To help them in reaching this goal we:

  • Provide parents, coaches and athletes with the necessary information on the benefits of organized sports and how to properly introduce them to sports and develop overall athletes so they can get the most out of their experience.

  • Provide a unique youth sports coach and organization program to help give organizations the tools they need to teach our children in both their sport and life while giving parents a piece of mind. Ensure they have or provide screening, training and/or certification of youth sports coaches. This includes up to date background checks at least every two years; training and certification in CPR, AED, Basic First Aid every two years; Instruction in coaching youth, mentoring youth and positive coaching; Training in the awareness of and the recognition and prevention of sports safety issues; Reporting and non-biased reviews and discipline for coaches bad behavior.

  • Provide Incentives for Youth Sports Coaches & Athletes to be their best on and off the field through awards and recognition of accomplishments.

Helping Local Youth Stay in the Game:

The last and probably the most important step is making sure they stay in the game. From Overuse Injuries to Bullying, there are a number of safety issues facing our youth not just in sports but everyday life. Our mission is to help give parents, coaches and athletes the proper tools to recognize and hopefully prevent these issues from happening or letting them get worse.

  • Provide positive and safe sports (PASS) training to parents and their children. Training to include: CPR/AED training for parents and youth ages 10 and older; the awareness of and recognition and prevention of sports safety issues; Positive Sports Parenting for parents; Positive Athlete tips for children.

  • Provide Leagues & Teams Access to Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s). Through affordable and hassle free means.

  • Work with local Medical Professionals to Provide Affordable Pre-Participation Physicals. To include: complete child and family medical history; Baseline ImPACT testing; ECG; and Limited Echocardiogram or MRI’s of the heart.



Who We Are:

We are comprised of a diverse group of dedicated volunteers that is made up from local parents, coaches, teachers, current/former athletes, business leaders and community leaders who all strive for a more Positive and Safe Sports experience for our local children!


Click Here to Find Out How You Can Get Involved by Either Donating/Sponsoring Us and Our Programs or How to Volunteer!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012 13:21

Help Our Youth, Donate Today!

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donate-button-mdWhile we provide assistance, equipment, camps and clinics for free to local youth, the costs we incur are unfortunately not. Without the graceful donations by people like you, a lot of what we do would not be possible!

Please take time to donate just a few dollars so we can ensure that our local youth are afforded the chance to learn valuable life lessons and skills. Let's also make sure the receive a safe and positive youth sports experience!

Any amount helps, whether it's $5, $10, $20 or $100!

Here's a breakdown of a few of the typical costs we incur:

$50 - $200 per youth for youth sports registration

$10 - $300 per youth for necessary safety equipment like mouthpieces, pads, head protection and joint braces

$150 - to certify each coach

$200 - $250 per youth sports safety clinic/seminar

$2,000 - $5,000 per youth sports camp or clinic

And so much more...


For the time being, we utilize PayPal for all online donations. You do not need a PayPal account to donate:


We Have a Verified Business Account with Paypal, Your Donation is Safe & Secure!

Official PayPal Seal

You can also send a Check or Money Order (made payable to LVSportz) to:


3581 Cantura Crest Ct.
North Las Vegas, NV 89031

Tax ID: 45-4642872   |   NV Business ID: E0123172012-5

Friday, 03 February 2012 00:00

Sportz Sitez by LVSportz

Written by

Get Your Team/League On-Line!

Your Team/League, Your Site!

Use your own URL ( or an be an Extension of Ours (; No Ads; Easily Manageable; Manage schedules, rosters, enter team & individual stats, upload photos, and more.

Looking to put together a QUALITY website for your league or team? Would you like a site that stands out from rest and gives you powerful features? We can help.

LVSportz specializes in building team and/or league websites using a powerful CMS (Content Management System) as the backbone of your site.  We use this custom CMS component for managing common league/team management tasks such as maintaining news, events, rosters, schedules, stats, and more. 

We can build your website from scratch, loaded with features, in no time at all!

Features include: photo gallery, newsletter system, event calendar, team/league manager (includes rosters, stats, schedules, scores), social bookmarking, sponsor banners and forms.   

For example, visit our featured league site: Desert Youth Football League.


Simple and Affordable

All services and products we offer are reasonably priced.  For a limited time, we are offering a special introductory price of

ONLY $299 for Team Sitez (+Hosting Option) (Normally Priced $399 and Up)

ONLY $499 for League Sitez (+Hosting Option) (Normally Priced $799 and Up)

This includes initial set-up and design.

Hosting Options: $75 every year (includes domain); $125 every 2 years (includes domain); $170 every 3 years (includes domain).

The hosting option is just that, an option. You can choose to share a server with other sites, have your site reside on the LVTeamz server as an extension or your site can reside on a server by itself. Having your own means that you won't be bogged down by traffic or issues resulting from other sites that will share the server with your site.


First we will setup and customize your site, customizing your site template with your team and/or league logos, create some basic content, and install our league/team manager component. Then we will setup included components such as the newsletter management component, the photo gallery, the event calendar system, social bookmarking and more.

Optional components such as discussion forums and a online community portal, may also be purchased, installed and configured for a nominal price. Once the site is up and running, everyone who visits your site will be impressed!!!


Since your site is ran under a Content Management System you can easily manage your site from the backend. We will provide a basic overview of how to login to your site and update it. This is included in the price of the site and there is no other monthly charges.

First we will setup and customize your site, customizing your site template with your team and/or league logos, create some basic content, and install our league/team manager component.  Optional components such as photo gallery, social community, discussion forum, may also be purchased, installed and configured for a nominal price.  Once the site is up and running, everyone who visits your site will be impressed!!!

Site Management:

Don't Have Time? You have a team/league manage, let us handle it! We can completely mange your site for you for only:

  • $15 per week for Team Sitez during in-season; $10 per month during the off-season
  • $30 per week for League Sitez during in-season (Usually 4 Months); $50 per month during the off-season


Why have us manage your site? We know it takes a lot to run a league or team, we've coached and manged teams plus we have been a part of league administration. You have enough to deal with as it is. Let us handle the World Wide Web for you, We Will:

  • Keep your software up to date as new versions become available
  • Back-up your site on a monthly basis
  • Setup, Secure and Manage your Hosting and your Domain
  • Update Team Roster(s) (Team/League)
  • Update Scores (Team/League)
  • Update Events and Online Schedules (League/Team)
  • Update News (League/Team)
  • Update Standings (League)

Please send us all your Events, News & Articles such as League/Team Registrations, Congratulations, Milestones, Tournaments, Camps, etc... When we started out I was able to utilize our social feeds to grab stories but as our friends list grows it has been harder to grab and sort them out from our news feeds. This added in with my full-time job, my own coaching endeavors, my kids sports schedule and converting LVSportz into a Not-For-Profit has made it nearly impossible to keep up. We want to keep everyone in the loop of the Las Vegas youth & community sports scene!

Send all the necessary info (in Format) as you would like it posted here and our social feeds. Don't forget to include Who, What, When, Where and the Details (including any images) using the contact information in our Contact Us page or email it to webmaster (@) lvsportz (.com).

All submission's will be placed here on our website and via our social feeds for everyone to see... Thank You All for Your Continued Support!