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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 15:08

Changes & Professionals Needed

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In the coming months changes will slowly start taking place on our website. These changes will be in preparation of me moving LVSportz into a noprofit corporation and to pave the way for me implementing some upcoming programs and ideas I've had over the past few years. There are still some hurdles to jump with regards to one of the programs but I will move ahead anyways and hope for the best. The programs that I have long dreamed about will hopefully bring about some much needed relief and change to our city, especially when it comes to youth sports.

With regards to us becoming a nonprofit, I have been slowly trying to fill positions for the Board of Directors and Executive staff. The NPO will consist of 3-5 directors and will be strictly volunteer based with the exception of the Executive Director/CEO who will also serve as the Ex-Officio Chairman of the Board and the Office Manager who will serve as the Ex-Officio Secretary of the Board. Two of the board positions have been filled and I am looking for at least one more person with a background accounting and who is familiar with IRS regulations for nonprofits. This person will also serve as the boards treasurer and as chair of the audit & finance committees (Note: Board Treasurer may not serve as a compensated Officer of the NPO). I will also consider anyone else for the other open board position that I feel who would best serve the NPO's purpose and mission.

Only the executive staff will be eligible for compensation albeit very small and will pretty much be nothing to begin with. The Executive Staff will consist of: the Executive Director, who has already been determined; the Director of Finance, Open (Note: the Director of Finance may serve on the board or audit committee if uncompensated/volunteer); the Director of Fundraising & Community Relations, Open; and the Director of Programs & Volunteers, Open. These position will be pretty much part-time for the begining but may grow into something more full-time based on the success of LVSportz.

If you are interested in any of these position please feel free to contact me using the contact form on this site or via Facebook. Please send information pertaining to your interest and background (or Resume) when contacting me.

Thank You to everyone else for your continued support and patience as LVSportz grows!


Brian Bartolome
Founder & Executive Director - LVSportz

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