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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 11:18

LVSportz Is Seeking Founding Members for its Alliance Program

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lvsa-designLVSportz is opening up its doors for its Alliance Program and to start we are currently seeking Founding Alliance Members. Founding Alliance Membership is a crucial step for us and contains benefits for members that will NEVER be GIVEN AGAIN.

Founding Alliance Members are asked to contribute at least $2,500 or more just once and will receive a lifetime of recognition for helping to launch our series of amazing programs. This program and opportunity is open to any individual, small business and/or corporation. Programs such Youth Sports Registration Assistance, Equipment Assistance, Youth Coach Certification and Sports Injury Awareness & Prevention are just a few of the amazing programs that will not just benefit our youth but our community as well! For more information on our programs please take a look at our Programs Overview

There are only 20 spots available for this great opportunity. Once we have our twenty Founding Members we will be able to proceed forward in launching the rest of our programs (including the full alliance program) to the public. Your contribution will help us in launching our programs which will help to strengthen our community.

In Return for Their Contribution, Founding Alliance Members Will Receive:

  • Name or Logo on every page of our website w/ link (if applicable)
  • Name or Logo on a LVSportz Alliance Banner at any event/clinic/camp we put on, host or endorse*
  • Name or Logo on at least one piece of Literature given at any of our Program related events/clinics/camps or on informational flyers/brochures about our Programs
  • Name or Logo on at least (but not limited to) 500 Alliance T-Shirts that will be given away
  • Name or Logo on the back of every LVSportz Certified Coach ID (black and white)
  • A Special Founding Member Window Decal to place on your business’ door
  • A Special Founding Member Plaque
  • Other Small Thank You Gifts…

For Example Check Out Our Program Brochure that will be placed at events and businesses (like yours) across the city: LVSportz Brochure

*Banners at endorsed events are subject to the approval of the original event organizer

Interested? Please Don't Hesitate, Space Is Limited! CONTACT US TODAY!

Do Note: At start, your contribution will be recognized as a sponsorship until our 501(c)(3) Federal Tax-Exempt status is approved by the IRS (which it should). IRS Tax Law does state that any contributions made to a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) will be recognized as Tax Deductible so long as the NPO filed for exemption within 27 Months of Incorporation but a tax exempt deduction cannot be claimed until a Letter of Determination has been given to the NPO. Once that happens deductions can be retroactive back to win the the NPO was intitially formed (in our case 3/2/2012). Until such time, it is recommended that you place said contribution down as a marketing expense. You will be notified as soon as we receive our Letter of Determination from the IRS. Please consult your Tax advisor for any questions with this.

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