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Monday, 11 February 2013 09:47

Staggering Youth Sports Injury Numbers

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One of our biggest mission goals here at the LVSportz Foundation is to spread youth sports safety awareness amongst coaches, parents and youth athletes. We do this in an effort to help curb some of the rising numbers of youth athletes visiting local emergency rooms and orthopedic specialists every year.

Many times we are asked if it's really that serious of an epidemic? Thanks to our friends over at the National Center for Sports Safety we now have some more numbers to throw your way.

This is not meant to scare parents from letting their children participate in sports. Rather we want to arm them with knowledge to recognize them before they happen or get worst and help keep our local youth in the game!

More than 38 million children and adolescents participate in sports each year in the U.S and more than 3.5 million of those aged 14 and under receive medical treatment for sports injuries. 

According to Safe Kids USA:

From 2001 through 2009, it is estimated that there are over 1.7 million emergency department visits among children 14 and under for injuries related to sports or recreation; 6% of these are traumatic brain injuries. 

The most common types of sports-related injuries in children are sprains (mostly ankle), muscle strains, bone or growth plate injuries, repetitive motion injuries, and heat-related illness. 

Among children ages 14 and under, the top five sports associated with head injuries include: cycling, football, baseball and softball, basketball, and skateboards/scooters. 

For males, the highest risk of concussion in organized sports is from football, while among females, soccer and basketball are the sports with the highest risk. 

It is estimated that up to 50% of injuries seen in pediatric sports medicine are related to overuse. 


According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System All Injury Program:

 In 2010, the number of sport-related injuries for children 14 and under were as follows: 

  • Baseball/Softball(118,386) 
  • Basketball(167,221) 
  • Football(242,523) 
  • Hockey(23,850) 
  • Lacrosse, Rugby, Misc.(39,376) 
  • Racquet Sports(4,420) 
  • Soccer(97,516) 
  • Volleyball(17,979)

According to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research: 

From 2002-2011 the total numbers of direct and indirect fatalities among high school athletes were: 

  • Baseball(13) 
  • Basketball(47) 
  • Cross Country(13) 
  • Football(98) 
  • Soccer(12) 
  • Track(16) 
  • Wrestling(11)

So now you have some of the numbers, what now? Visit our Youth Sports Safety Awareness Program section for more information on the types safety issues and tips on what to look for and how to prevent them. Like always, please keep checking back as we are always updating the section...

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