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Thursday, 06 June 2013 10:20

LVSF Needs Your Help!

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Help LVSportz Foundation Obtain 501(c)3

If 15 people donated $100, 100 people donated $15 or 300 people donated just $5... we would reach our goal and could start getting to work on really making a huge difference in so many families lives.

We have accomplished so much in just a little over a year since we incorporated as a Nevada Not-For-Profit Corporation. We have done so much with barely any funding, most of which has come out of our Executive Directors own Pocket but we are at a time where we need to push on further on. 

We can do so much more good in trying to make the difference for the health and well-being of our local children but without further financial support we can't push any further .

A huge roadblock for people and businesses wanting to support us is we do not yet have our 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status which allows everyone to "Deduct" their donation to us. Many companies and individuals will not give if it can't be written off...

With funding in the form of grants and donations from local businesses and individuals we will be able to:

- Provide Free Sports Clinics to disadvantaged youth and to youth looking on how to properly get in sports;

- Provide Registration and Equipment Assistance to youth who want to play organized sports but can't afford the registration or buy all the appropriate safety equipment;

- Provide training and certification of local youth sports coaches;

- Provide CPR, AED & First Aid Training to athletes, coaches and parents;

- Provide Leagues, Teams & Events affordable and hassle free access to AED Kits;

- Provide Special Interactive Sports Safety Clinics where parents, coaches and athletes learn about various sports safety issues;

- Provide Positive and Safe Sports discussion's and materials with parents and children during our own free youth sports clinics, at community events, at local businesses, during assemblies and via updated information posted on our website and spread throughout our social networks;

- Provide Positive and Sports Safety Information to organizations such as Camps, Teams, Leagues & Youth Organizations;

According to the IRS, we have 27 months from the time we incorporate to be able to file for exemption and have every donation be retroactive to the time we are granted the exemption. This means that donations made to us before we obtained the exemption can still be written off by the donor.

We are 15 Months In...