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Monday, 23 June 2014 07:10

City of Las Vegas Municipal Sports Presentation on Fee Increases Scheduled For Thursday, June 26, 2014 Featured

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City Staff To Discuss Proposed Increases For Leagues

The public is invited to attend a municipal sports presentation by city staff at 4 p.m. Thursday, June 26, at the East Las Vegas Community Center located at 250 N. Eastern Ave.

 There will be a presentation with the management team at the city of Las Vegas to discuss the city’s Municipal Sports costs and how we can work together to create a sustainable program.

For those who aren’t able to attend the meeting in person, the city will offer a “Crowd Hall,” an online town hall. Beginning June 19, residents can visit lasvegasnevada.gov/sportscosts to ask questions or leave comments. Resident will also have the option of voting for an existing question. The forum will be available until noon June 30, after which time the top 10 questions will be answered by city staff and posted to the page.

For more information, please contact the city’s Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services at 702-229-PLAY (7529) or e-mail [email protected].

Here is a Breakdown of Fees as they would stand as of March 2015

$10 per hour for league games, up from $3 per hour 
$10 per hour for lights
$50 per hour for tournaments on Diamond fields (baseball)
$70 per hour for tournament’s on a box field 
$10 per hour for lights/for any night game

We have attached PDF's of the Fee Schedule (opens in new window) which shows the incremental increases over the next year as well as the 2010 Audit (opens in new window) we believe is the reason for the increases... PLEASE NOTE: The fees in which leagues are charged are listed under SECTION III: FIELD ALLOCATION FEE SCHEDULE.

We decided to do a little math to see what the impact could be...
If you are a league admin, let us know how close to the amount of field usage and number of kids in your league are...

10 Fields for 4 hours 3x a Week for Practices = 120 hours a week
8 fields for 10 hours 1x a week for Games = 80 per week
Total Field Use per week = 200 hours

A 16 week season would = 3,200 of field use per season

At the current rate of $3 per hour that would amount to a current season total of $9,600 a season for field usage. At the proposed rate of $10 that would amount to $32,000 a season for field usage (for a difference of $22,400 per season).

Now let's get to that cost broken down per player in a league... Let's say a league using those hours has 600 kids in the league. 

At the current rate of $3 per that would amount to $16 per player per season (usually included in registration fee).

At the new rate of $10 per hour that would amount to $53.33 per player per season.

The per season difference per player would be an additional $37.33 per season.

So if a current league charges $170 per season for registration the fee would (should) raise to about $207.33

Now let's compare what the City of Las Vegas is charging compared to the other local municipalities (fuel for Thursday)

City of Las Vegas proposed fees:
$10 per hour and $10 for lights per hour

City of Henderson current fees:
$5 per hour for non-profits without lights and $10 per hour with lights
$7.50 per hour for-profit without lights and $15 per hour with lights

Clark County current fees:
$40 per team per season without lights for non-profits
$125 per team per season with lights for non-profits
$80 per team per season without light for for-profits
$250 per team per season with lights for for-profits

City of North Las Vegas current fees:
$10 per hour without lights and $24 per hour with lights

These figures do not include other costs or fees for tournaments...

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