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Submission Policy - LV Sportz Foundation
Submission Policy


Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!

Thank you for your interest in submitting your article, event, league, news, or announcements to the LV Sportz Foundation website. LVSF welcomes articles and submissions from leagues, students, writers, activists, journalists and our readers on topics that deal with Sports in Southern Nevada or on topics like News, Scores, Registrations, Events, Sports Health & Fitness, Safety, Tips & Drills and More...

In an effort to stop spam on our servers, to submit an article, event, league or business you Must first submit your article for us to review or be an LVSF Insider.

Conditions of Publications
1. All material submitted to LVSF is considered for complimentary publication on the understanding that all Authors/Submitter's agree to the LVSF Submission Policy.

2. If you submit an article that does NOT belong to you, be sure to mention where you extracted that article from. If it is copyrighted material, DO NOT SUBMIT IT.

3. All submissions must be sports related, correctly labeled and placed in the appropriate category.

4. Submissions must not be derogatory, offensive or contain any profanity.

5. LVSF may at times repost or link to any submission submitted via our website to our Social Networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc..) without appoval or notification of the Author. Please consider this your official and only notification.

General Guidelines
The below is for LVSF Insiders with Author Privileges but may contain information pertinent to all submissions...

1. Please submit your articles and events using our Submission Forms located HERE.

2. Submission must be made in the appropriate category and their titles must be free of grammatical errors. Submissions submitted to the wrong category or that contain grammatical errors will be fixed by LVSF without the prior notification of the Insider and the Insider will receive a warning. 

3. Submissions are not automatically approved and/or immediately view-able to the public. Once you submit your submission we are immediately notified by the system and your submission will be reviewed by an LVSF staff member after being posted. The time frame for reviewing will not exceed 48hrs (Please Plan Accordingly). If there is any problems with your submission you will be notified via phone or e-mail after the review is complete.

4. Submissions are intended to be informational and for the benefit of site visitors/members and not for company promotion or advertising with the exception of directory submissions and Sportz Dealz. Submissions may mention specific businesses and companies, but they must not be "advertisements" for any specific business or company. If you would like to advertise on LVSF's Website please contact us about sponsorship opportunities. If you have a sports related business or league please add your listing to our Directory.

5. Article submissions may include an author Link at the top of the submission that identifies the author by name and links to the authors page or the author may supply professional credentials and contact info to be listed at the end of the article.

6. Please only submit final drafts of your work.

7. Please keep submissions under 2000 words. Exceptions may be made on a case-by case basis, subject to staff member's approval.

8. Submissions longer than one paragraph (4-5 sentences) must include a "Read More" break at the end of the first paragraph (button is located underneath the editor). In the event you fail to adhere to this, LVSF may edit your article to add one which may include breaking up your paragraph if it is too long and you will receive a warning.

9. Graphic images must be in jpg or gif format and can be a maximum (width x height - size): 1,000 pixels.

LVSF reserves the right to add a disclaimer at the end of any article that releases us of any liability based on your article topic.

LVSF welcomes and values the ratings and reviews of submissions on our site. Ratings & Reviews reflect the "opinion" of the person who wrote the review. As such, we accept no liability for any statements made in reviews nor does it reflect the views of LVSF, it's parent company, its divisions, its affiliates or its employees. Reviews and ratings may be of a positive or negative nature and at no time will LVSF remove a rating or review unless the review contains profane language. In the event a review contains profane language or material, LVSF may either remove the review or edit it to censor or remove such material. In no event shall we assume responsibility or liability for any damages or losses resulting from such ratings or reviews.

Right of Refusal
LVSF reserves the right to deny or delay publication of your submission for any reason, especially if it is determined that your submission does not meet the submission criteria. If a submission is not publishable as submitted, the staff member of the section may work with the Insider to make the necessary changes. The submission may then be resubmitted for publication review.

Right to Change this policy
LVSF may at any time revise our submission policy. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this policy to review the current version of the policy.