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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 01:00

Girls Can't Play Football or Can They? Say What?

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Football, it's a Man's Sport right? Wrong! Football has always been known as a guys sport: Guys Love To Watch It, Guys Love To Talk About It & Guys Love To Play It. Most women despise the sport because of that or at least they used to.

For many years women have been left on the sideline either as cheerleaders, spectators or just there to tag along with their man so they can get some time with them in the fall. For a few women however it's different, they have long dreamed about putting on some of those pads and helmets and hitting the gridiron like their male counterparts, most of the time they are just ridiculed and laughed at, casted aside as being out of their mind. Girls were (and still are to a point) viewed as being to delicate and not tough enough to play the game of football.

A few have managed to break that barrier and play the beloved man sport. From youth leagues all the way up to High School and even College. Yes you read that right, College! Some girls have managed to push their way into playing with the boys. Don't believe me, read this site: Timeline History of Girls in Football (the site hasn't been updated recently, the last records seem to be added in late 2000 but it shows what I'm talking about). It goes to show that some girls do have what it takes to not only play a dominantly male sport but to do so right along side of them.

Sure at some point a majority of women don't progress at the same rate or form physically as their male counter-parts. This doesn't mean that they can't play the same sports as guys, it just means they "may" not be able to play against them in some instances. Of course there are also other reasons for that but I won't get into that.

Girls have long been rejected from playing in a "Guys" league at most levels and because of this the concept of Women's Professional Tackle Football was born. It has began to take shape over the past decade and is slowly starting to lead into greater things. With over 60 teams nationwide, leagues such as the Women's Football Alliance (WFA) has proven that girls "Can" & "Do" play football! No, I'm not talking about the novelty Lingerie Football League(LFL) with women running around in their underwear. Don't get me wrong those women are some athletes who can hit, run and throw just as well as any other player. What I'm talking about is hard nose, hard hitting, fully padded, get down and dirty football. We'll talk more about the LFL later...

So what's this have to do with Vegas? Well for the first thing, did you know Las Vegas has 2 (Yes 2! Not including the Vegas Sin from the LFL) professional women's teams? The first one being the Las Vegas Showgirlz which began in 2006 and the second being the more recent Silver State Legacy who played their first season in 2011. Both teams are a part of the WFA but play in different conferences. For a city that doesn't have a said "Pro" sport team and for a sport that supposedly can't be played by women there sure seems like there's enough interest and bodies to support 3, yes count'em 3, professional women's football teams and that's with only a small fraction of the local population even knowing that there's even such a thing!

So I offer this to all of you nay-sayers: I dare you to take a day this next spring and take in at least one game of any of these teams and you'll see what I'm talking about. I had the pleasure of standing on the sidelines for one of the Legacy games last season and I was a bit taken in but not surprised at what I saw, heard and experienced. Is it the NFL? Is it the NCAA? No, the game speed can be, at times, a bit slower but the hits are just as hard and just as real and the game can get just as exciting...

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