Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!

Click on a Programs Name Below That Needs Your Support to Learn About the Sponsorship Levels for Each One:

Free Youth Sports Clinic Program

Minimum Sponsor Amount: $2,500  Current Status: Open

This program provides sports related activity to at-risk kids, disadvantaged youth and kids from families struggling through financial difficulties. Provides a chance for parents to have their child sample a sport without worrying about time, money and commitment if the child may not like the sport. Reinforces FUNdamentals of youth who already play the sports. More than just sports, kids learn about life skills and sports safety. Snacks and drinks are provided during each clinic. Fun game or skills competition after every clinic.

A sub-program of this program is something that we have termed "Total Youth Sports Experience's" takes these clinics to the next level! These clinics are primarily focused on Underprivilged Youth and Foster Kids and in addition to the skills and competition portion includes special mentoring session, free access to view the sport played professionally (collegiate level and above) and sometimes features a special behind the scenes peek before, during or after such games!

P.A.S.S. (Positive And Safe Sports) Program

Minimum Sponsor Amount: $2,500  Current Status: Open

This is the largest program of all our programs and features several sub-programs:

Sports Organization & Community Outreach - Takes us out into the community where we interactively speak with parents, kids and coaches about the benefits of sports, positive sports participation and sports safety. We visit with local teams, leagues, camps, schools, youth organizations and community events. Also includes an awesome section on our website filled with information!
Interactive Youth Sports Safety Clinics - These open to the public clinics feature a interactive way for youth ages 8 and up to learn the basics of Fitness, Flexibility, Hydration, Nutrition, Heat Illness, Concussions, Athletic First Aid, Balance and More! These clinics are taught by certified Athletic Trainers and/or Medical Professionals.

Game-Saver CPR/AED Training Program - We will provide free on-location basic training to leagues and teams with youth ages 10 and up on hands-only CPR and AED. We stress to the kids the importance of knowing how to properly perform these life-saving steps. Training should be repeated prior to the beginning of every season or at the very least, once a year.

Game-Saver AED Rental Program - Under Development - AED’s are expensive and take a lot to maintain. Our goal is to provide an affordable AED rental program so that teams and leagues may have at least one available no matter where they are. AED’s will be provided in a rugged and durable weather-proof hard case and include all necessary equipment to perform CPR and Defibrillation of both adults and children.

Pre-Participation Physicals, Heart Screenings & Baseline ImPACT  Testing - Working together with the local medical community our goal is to provide reduced fee or free sports physicals for every local youth. Our ultimate goal with these screenings will also be to include ECG and/or a Limited Echocardiogram (or MRI) of the heart with every screening as well as a Baseline ImPACT test for youth ages 10 and up.

We are striving to have this done in a quarterly fashion: 1 weekend (Saturday/Sunday) every January, April, July & October. 


No Youth Athlete Left Behind Program

Registration & Equipment Assistance

Minimum Sponsor Amount: $2,500  Current Status: Open

The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to families with children who want to get involved in organized sports but are unable to due to financial hardship. Includes registration fee assistance of up to $150 and up to $150 assistance in attaining the proper safety equipment for the sport (protective headgear, mouthpiece, protective pads, etc…).

Assistance is based off household income and verified through participation in programs such as CCSD’s free or reduced lunch program, by referral from family service providers or other similar means.

Youth Sports Coach Development & Certification Program

Minimum Sponsor Amount: $2,500  Current Status: Open

Gives the tools that youth sports coaches need to ensure our youth are in a fun, safe and positive environment. Coaches must abide by a strict code of ethic. Parents can also review and report their coaches' ability to follow the code of ethics.

Southern Nevada Youth Sports Awards

Minimum Sponsor Amount: $2,500  Current Status: Open

Recognizes outstanding youth coaches and athletes for achievement in sports, school and the community. Held once a year.