Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!


Our No Youth Athlete Left Behind Registration Assistance Program is currently low on funds and we have several requests for assistance and expect several more! Please help us to keep local kids active!

We are reaching out to our supporters and the general public to help us in our efforts! Most registrations fees are due by 9/07/15 and range from $100 to $200!


More About the LV Sportz Foundation's No Youth Athlete Left Behind Registration Assistance Program


LVSF may grant registration fee assistance to families who, without this financial assistance, would not be able to have their child participate in one of the Local Youth Sports programs. Our NYALB program focuses on providing opportunities for area youth to participate in recreational team sports because of the physical, mental, and character-training benefits these programs can provide. Assistance is only available to cover the cost of registration for recreational sports participation and are not available to cover any additional costs (uniforms, equipment, tournaments, etc).


The program covers 75% of required registration costs up to a maximum of $150 based on the desired leagues required registration fee. All registration fees are confirmed with the league before submittal of approval and then the fees are paid directly to the league. Assistance is only granted to those who meet certain requirements:


Requirements for Eligibility:

- Athlete must be age 16 or younger and must reside within the Clark County, NV boundaries.

- Commitment to attend a minimum of 80% of scheduled practices and games.




Must Have Proof of Need of One or More of the Following:

- Receiving assistance from programs such as: Food Stamps, Reduced Lunch Program, Medicaid, SSI, Foster Care, WIC, etc. (Must provide written documentation of participation in these programs)

- Written recommendation by school representatives, social workers, youth community center workers, or other social services representatives.

- Documentation demonstrating an immediate financial hardship




LVSF does not discriminate based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, physical ability, or cultural and religious backgrounds.


For More Info on the Program, Please Visit: