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Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!

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Welcome to the LV Sportz Foundation!

Helping Southern Nevada Youth


We're a multifaceted Las Vegas Non-Profit organization that aims to help every local Get in the Game, Enjoy the Game & Stay in the Game! We want to help strengthen our community's future through Positive youth sports participation for every youth today! We also provide unparralled access information on the local happenings and accomplishments from within the local sports community!


  1. Provide parents and children with the information on the benefits of organized sports and how to properly introduce them to sports and develop overall athletes.
  2. Provide screening, training and certification of youth sports coaches. To include mandatory background checks every two years; training and certification in CPR, AED, Basic First Aid every two years; Instruction in coaching youth, mentoring youth and positive coaching; Training in the awareness of and the recognition and prevention of sports safety issues; Reporting and non-biased reviews and discipline for coaches bad behavior.
  3. Provide positive and safe sports (PASS) training to parents and their children. Training to include: CPR/AED training for parents and youth ages 10 and older; the awareness of and recognition and prevention of sports safety issues; Positive Sports Parenting for parents; Positive Athlete tips for children.
  4. Provide Leagues & Teams Access to Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s). Through affordable and hassle free means.
  5. Work with local Medical Professionals to Provide Affordable Pre-Participation Physicals. To include: complete child and family medical history; Baseline ImPACT testing; ECG; and Limited Echocardiogram or MRI’s of the heart.
  6. Provide Access to Sports Related Activity and Mentoring for Underprivileged Youth, At-Risk Youth and Youth from Families Struggling Through Financial Difficulties.
  7. Provide Incentives for Youth Sports Coaches & Athletes to be their best on and off the field through awards and recognition of accomplishments.
  8. Provide a single source of information on local youth sports happenings to encourage easier access to sports registrations, tryouts and camps & clinics.


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***PHYSICAL EVENT CANCELLED*** Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today (7/18/2020)!


Friday August 16th, 2019 - The LV Sportz Foundation, a Southern Nevada 501c3 Nonprofit Charity with a primary focus on keeping Southern Nevada Youth safe while participating in sports, Needs Your Help to Continue and Expand Their Game-Saver Program So They Can Continue to Protect & Save Southern Nevada Youth Athletes from Sudden Cardiac Arrest!

The goal of their Game-Saver Program and related events are to help prevent tragedy from striking our local youth who participate in sports. Tragic events like Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Death, Second Impact Syndrome/CTE, and Heat Stroke are just a few of the real threats to youth who are active in all types of sports and Southern Nevada is no stranger to these tragedies as evident by several cases of each in the past. Nationally, over 300 young athletes die every year nationally from Sudden Cardiac Death alone.

There have been over a dozen publicized and non-publicized incidents of local student athletes collapsing on local playing fields in the past with a few of those resulting in hospitalization or death.

The Foundation’s Game-Saver Program is designed to help combat this issue. The program features:

  • Free Youth Sports Physicals with Heart Screenings that feature in-depth physical exams, personal/family history, 12-lead EKG and a 2D Limited Echocardiogram. Two to Three times a year.
  • Free to Low-cost C.P.R./A.E.D./First Aid Certifications for Coaches and Team Moms
  • Free Student-Athlete/Parent Hands-Only C.P.R. and A.E.D. Awareness & Familiarization with Sports Injury Awareness and Prevention Information
  • Free A.E.D. Loaner’s for Youth Sports Organizations (When Available)
  • Financial Assistance for Seriously Injured Athletes
  • And More!


To help the program continue to be successful and grow they need funds to replace aging screening equipment like EKG machines, Cardiac Ultrasound machines, portable exam tables, and other screening essentials. That equipment can be expensive, real expensive… an EKG machine can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 and a portable Echo machine can cost as much as $10,000 to $20,000.

They have had to also pause the C.P.R. and A.E.D. segment of the program a couple years ago when their main volunteer instructor had to move out-of-town for his career, which also meant their access to the equipment they need like dummies and A.E.D. Trainers was no longer there.

 “It’s been hard, real hard to continue these programs but we are staying steadfast in our passion to keep these all important programs going to help protect and save area youth from avoidable tragedy,” said Brian Bartolome, Executive Director and Founder of the LV Sportz Foundation. 

They have recently launched an ambitious raffle based fundraising drive that is going on now through the last day of August that includes some awesome donations from local organizations that have been combined into packs for an amazing value. Packs include an Adventure Pack, Date Night Pack, Family Pack, Self-Protection Pack and More.

Sponsors of the drive so far  include Sunbuggy, Apocalypse Vegas, David Saxe Productions, Code Ninjas (Centennial Hills), the Hakkasan Group, FlightLinez, Seaquest, Eclipse Theater, Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix, Flip N Out Xtreme, Accentrick Tint, Hollywood Cars Museum, Springs Preserve, Royal Links Golf Club, Refuge Climbing Center, Rex Center, 3 Dot Sight Group, and the Gun School.

Even a couple of the local professional sports teams have stepped in: the Las Vegas Lights FC have provided a gift basket that includes ticket vouchers, a t-shirt and other knick-knacks. The soon to be Las Vegas Raiders have donated some small gift pack that includes a T-shirt, stickers, keychain, etc...

The foundation has also partnered with several of the local youth sports leagues to raffle off registrations. Leagues include the Nevada Youth Football League (NYFL), i9 Sports, National Youth Sports (NYS), South Vegas Girls Softball, Vegas Flag and Girls Youth Basketball.

“What’s unique about our partnership with the local leagues is that in turn for their participation, fifty-percent of monies raised from our Adventure Pack, which is our largest pack in terms of value, will in turn be distributed to our No Youth Athlete Left Behind Registration Assistance program and then distributed evenly among the participating leagues,'' said Bartolome.

He continued, “The participating leagues have agreed that funds received from the Foundation’s No Youth Athlete Left Behind Program will only be used to pay for the registration fee(s) of a child(ren) whose family may not be able to pay the registration fee due to current financial circumstances, it’s really a win-win for everyone involved.”

Even though the drive has already launched they have plans to continue to add to the list of available items should new partners become available.

To help the foundation out and get a chance at some of the awesome prizes, visit their fundraising page at or you can text 'HeartSaver' to 855-202-2100 to get a link to buy entries.


About LV Sportz Foundation

The LV Sportz Foundation is a multi-faceted Nevada non-profit whose goal is to help Southern Nevada youth Get in the Game, Enjoy the Game and Stay in the Game! LVSF offers a variety of positive and safe sports programs and information; youth sports registration assistance; free youth sports clinics; youth sports awards; as well as news and announcements on every aspect of youth sports in the Southern Nevada area.



Another Great Screening Event in the Books! 41 kids Screened out of 64 Booked!

We deeply apologize for those that were unable to get the heart screening towards the end due to us being short-handed at the last minute due to some Volunteers who had some family issues to attend to.

For those who missed out on the Heart Screening, please contact us for the next event and we will fit you in for just the heart screen at our next one!

All in All considering we were short-handed for the heart screens, the rest of our Volunteers Rocked It!

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors and Partners! YOU Helped Make This Possible!

The Space LV
Lerner and Rowe
Las Vegas Party Rentals
POP Prosthetics LLC

Local Non-Profit Charity Organization the LV Sportz Foundation is Holding a Fundraising Drive to Help Our Game-Saver Program (Free Sports Physicals, Free Heart Screenings, Low-Cost CPR/AED Training for Coaches/Team Moms, Free Hands-Only CPR for Parents/Kids, and More...)!
We are holding the fundraising drive towards the end of August and our Goal is to Raise $5,000 to $10,000 or More! Funds will be used to help our Program continue and grow! We need to update/upgrade screening equipment, purchase training equipment, train instructors and more!
We are looking for monetery and in-kind contributions. 
We are currently putting together a gift pack(s) that would be given out to one or more lucky supporter(s). So far we have receieved in-kind donations from Various Local Businesses and Area Professional Sports Teams! The donations have varied but have included ticket vouchers and admission passes to apparel and other knick-knacks... If your company/business/organization can't give moneterily this is a great option!
Please contact us via Email or Social Media know as soon as possible! Cut-off Date is August 15th, 2019!
Thank You to Our Current Contributors!: Las Vegas Raiders, Las Vegas Lights FC, Seaquest, John's Incredible Pizza, Refuge Climbing, FlipnOut!
Brian Bartolome
Executive Director/Founder
LV Sportz Foundation

Another Awesome Game-Saver Event in the Books This Past Weekend! We had an awesome group of volunteers that worked their butts off! 12 Medical Volunteers, 5 General Volunteers, 38 Kids Screened, 0 Referrals to Ped. Cardiology, 2 Not Cleared for Other Medical Issues and 4 Coaches/Team Moms CPR-AED Certified! Thank You Everyone! Look for Our Next Major Event in October/November!

Special Thanks To:

Glen Lerner Gives Back

American Institute of Medical Sonography

Healthcare Partners Cardiology

Sam's Club #4974 and #6382

Some Photos from the Event Are Posted Below...

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