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No Youth Athlete Left Behind

No Youth Athlete Left Behind™


As both a coaches and a parents, we have seen an increase in the number of children who are turned away from having a chance to participate in youth sports because the parents just can't afford it. The cost for registration, equipment and uniforms have increased dramaticly over the past decade. While the leagues try their best to keep costs down, the fees incurred by the leagues are always being increased. Things such as insurance, field and referee costs have gone up substantially and all are necessary to run a league. Coupled with the current economy, it has made it hard for leagues, coaches and parents alike.

Many times leagues, coaches and even other parents are able to step up to the plate and help those in need but the need has become overwhelming, there are just too many struggling families out there that even though others try to help (sometimes putting themselves in financial strain) they just can't help everyone.

By having the chance to participate in a team sport at a young age, children can benefit from the life lessons, positive & negative experiences and when coupled along with the discipline, teamwork, respect, fitness that are acquired while playing sports gives our future Leaders & Workforce a fighting chance. It is an invaluable asset that will stay with them for a lifetime. This is an experience that everyone should have a chance to experience regardless of background and/or financial standing.

Goals of this Program:

  • Ensure that every child who has a desire to play youth sports is afforded that opportunity regardless of race, color, gender or financial standing
  • Ensure that every player have the proper safety equipment for their sport

Below, you will find more information on how we can assist you with getting your child involved in youth sports activities in the Southern Nevada area with little or no cost...

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015 14:48

NYALB Information, Guidelines & Application

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LVSF may grant registration fee assistance to families who, without this financial assistance, would not be able to have their child participate in one of the Local Youth Sports programs. The LV Sportz Foundation's No Youth Athlete Left Behind program focuses on providing opportunities for area youth to participate in recreational team sports because of the physical, mental, and character-training benefits these programs can provide. Assistance is only available to cover the cost of registration for recreational sports participation and are not available to cover any additional costs (uniforms, equipment, tournaments, etc).

Registration Assistance Requests must be submitted to the LVSF no later than two (2) weeks prior to the requested organizations regular registration payment deadline. Assistance will not be awarded sooner than one week prior to the registration payment deadline. LVSF will consider all complete applications received by the application deadline. The amount of the assistance awarded (if any) may be a partial or full scholarship of up to 75% of the registration fee up to a maximum of $150 depending on the number applicants, and amount of funds available. Assistance is awarded for one sport per registrant and are only valid for one sport at a time, therefore, individual registrants must reapply for each sport and season they are requesting assistance.

LVSF is a non-profit organization with a very limited amount of funding available for assistance. No guarantee of assistance is implied in this application. If the number of applications submitted and approved exceeds the amount available; the scholarships shall be awarded by a lottery system.

Requirements for Eligibility:

  • Athlete must be age 16 or younger and must reside within the Clark County, NV boundaries.
  • Commitment to attend a minimum of 80% of scheduled practices and games.
  • Participation by an adult family member in voluntary service of some form to the team or league during the sport season (at the discretion of the organization).
  • Request and Application must be completed by a parent, guardian, or head of household, with all requested information provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The application is available for download from the bottom of this page.

Consideration will be given to eligible families meeting one or more of the criteria below. The more information you can provide us the better able we will be to determine hardship. A written request is required.

  • Receiving assistance from programs such as: Food Stamps, Reduced Lunch Program, Medicaid, SSI, Foster Care, WIC, etc. (Must provide written documentation of participation in these programs)
  • Written recommendation by school representatives, social workers, youth community center workers, or other social services representatives.
  • Documentation demonstrating an immediate financial hardship

LVSF does not discriminate based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, physical ability, or cultural and religious backgrounds.

**Please Note: Approval of a Assistance does not register the participant in the activity. You must still register the athlete in the league/team desired.

What does the Program Cover? The program will cover 75% of required registration costs up to a maximum of $150 based on the desired leagues required registration fee. All registration fees are confirmed with the league before submittal of approval.

Why Do We Not Provide for 100% of the Full Registration Fees? We ask that parents pay a portion of their registration fees because we believe a strong sense of pride is developed through their investment in their child's well-being and we feel that parents are more committed to keeping their child active in their chosen sport for a complete season if they have some of their own hard-earned money vested in them.

How Many Seasons are Covered and Can I Reapply for Additional Assistance? Assistance is good one full season only. If your child would like to play another season, you must reapply. The application does not need to be for the same team, league or sport.

Your child must have successfully participated in the prior season for the full season. This will be verified at the conclusion of the leagues/teams season in which they participated.

What if My Child Was Injured and Couldn't Complete the Prior Season? If your child was unable to complete the season due to injury or other extreme circumstance and you have verifiable evidence to support the claim, an exception can be made.


Please Note: The application for assistance is always open however, being a small not-for-profit organization, our funding is usually low. We will do our best to provide for your needs but at times may be unable to do so.

If funding is low and we are unable to provide unable to provide immediate assistance, you will be notified and we will make every last ditch effort to reach out to our donors and potential sponsors to provide the necessary funds.



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