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.::!!! ATTENTION !!!::.

We apologize for Some Issues People Are Having. After selecting a time, If you don't see where to click, directly Underneath the Times there is a hard to see "Add To Cart" button. If you hover over it it will hightlight the text so you can see it... We are working on a solution for this now... Then if in on a PC, to the right; on Mobile, underneath; there is a Booking Info box... in there click checkout...
Also, you DO NOT need to create an account to checkout... On the Login or Create Account option screen there is a link in the box that you can click to proceed without creating an account. It actually says (for reference:  *** SKIP WEBSITE LOGIN/REGISTRATION *** ).
ADDITIONALLY! There are 2 Available Screening Slots! Directly above the times you can select "Screening Slot 2" if you don't see a time that works for you or Screening Slot 1 is all Booked Up.