Spark Youth Sports Clinic Program


Due to the hospitalization of our medical provider over the night we unfortunately have to cancel the screening event scheduled for today. We sincerely apologize to those that had scheduled for today!

Spark Youth Sports Clinic Program

Spark Youth Sports Clinic Program

Our Spark Youth Sports Clinic Program is a Free/Low-Cost sports program that aims to introduce local youth to a wide variety of sports for the first time and help to reinforce fundamentals of already established youth athletes. Free from pressure, committment and expensive fees and equipment!

SPARK [spahrk]:

verb: to kindle, animate, or stimulate (interest, activity, spirit, etc.)

Some youth just need a chance to participate in a sport without any pressure to “SPARK” their desire to pursue playing an organized sport or getting active while other youth, specifically underprivileged youth (like those in foster care or low-income families for example) don’t get many opportunities to participate in and/or be active in controlled “outside of the home” activities like organized sports. 

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The Goals of the Spark Program is to:

  • Provide a chance for a child to experience and learn a sport for the first time;
  • Provide a chance for a child who already plays a sport to find another sport to participate in so they don't specialize in just one sport in effort to prevent burnout and overuse injuries and can greatly increase their overall athletic and physical development;
  • Help disadvantaged and at-risk youth learn and experience valuable life skills and sports fundamentals while keeping them active in a unique setting in which they may not otherwise be able to experience due to family and/or financial issues;
  • Provide parents a chance to have their child experience sports without risking the cost of losing money from expensive registration and equipment fees if the child doesn’t like the sport or if the child may be interested in the sport but is fearful to make a commitment to a sport they may not understand.

Our clinics are always open to every single youth regardless of their status.

Sport Specific Fundamentals

The kids will partake in a FUNdamental skills clinic where they will learn the basic skills of how to play the sport. Several essential fundamentals to the sport will be covered. For example with baseball they will learn about catching, throwing, base running, batting and more…

The skills will be taught by coaches from organizations around the valley and when available, a few players from the participating collegiate/pro sports team(s) will be on hand to instruct as well.

Sports Specific Skills Competition

After the kids learn the skills, they will then participate in a fun skills competition based on the particular sport skills being covered. Here they will also learn about competing, winning and losing. Winners of the skills challenges in each age group will receive an awards certificate and when available, small rewards.

At other times, if time allows for it, the kids may partake in fun little team scrimmages.

Life Skills Mentoring

The kids will receive a special fun and uplifting mentoring session through our partnering with other community organizations or skilled mentors. They will learn about various life skils they can use as they grow into active adults. Various topics include Character, Respect, Work Ethic, Discipline and more.

Subject matter will cover how these skills translate into sports participation as well as everyday life.

Health & Safety Training (P.A.S.S. - Positive and Safe Sports)

We want to esnure the health and safety of the children as they participate in sports. The kids will learn Hands-Only CPR, AED basics, sports safety awareness and prevention as well as learn about the career options of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine.

Not only will these skills help them in their possible sporting endeavors but can be beneficial to them throughout their life outside of sports and can also be beneficial not only to them but their family, friends and others they may be around if an emergency should arise!


Total Youth Sports Experience Programming Extension

The Total Youth Sports Experience programming option of Spark is an expanded form of our normal youth sports clinic program that expands the program to include partnerships with local Professional & Collegiate teams and events and are geared towards providing youth with a chance to "experience" other aspects of sports in ways they may not otherwise be able to under normal circumstances.

In addition to covering those things mentioned in our normal sports clinic programming, the "experience" part is where the kids will get a chance to experience any number of things such as a behind the scenes look of a pro or collegiate game/event or a chance to watch first hand the sport they just learned to play be played by professionals plus other little perks.

Experiences dive into the whole world of sports!

Community is the Key Ingredient

We partner with other community organizations and programs, such as the Jump for Joy Foundation, to help with certain aspects of the clinics.

By bringing in other community organizations, we are positioning ourselves and all those that are involved with greater exposure and reach while helping everyone to reach their mission.

Key points and what separates our clinics from similar clinics:

  • No Fees
  • No Competition, No Pressure to Perform and/or Win
  • We are a Nevada Non-Profit Corporation, filed with the Secretary of State (awaiting 501(c)3)
  • We are independent and not tied to any one league, team or sport. There is no pressure on families to join a sport, league or team.
  • We provide several different clinics year round
  • We partner with multiple local and national non-profit organizations
  • Our only focus is on youth in the Southern Nevada area
  • Focus is not just on the sport, it’s about being active, being active in more than one sport, learning core life values and skills, creating positive sports experiences and ensuring our children stay safe and healthy.
  • Our clinics teach everything about the sport, from the history to the rules to the basic fundamentals
  • All official LVSF volunteers must pass a background check
  • We provide snacks and drinks before, during and after each clinic

We also like to partner with other event/clinic/camp organizers and we are constantly looking for partners for our clinics/events.

In order for us to provide free programming like this and the many other things we do, we are always looking for potential event sponsors. If you feel your company or organization would be a great fit for any of these types of clinics/events/programs, Please Don't Hesitate to Contact Us Today!